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artist Leda Risse expose new screens in trendy gallery in Switzerland

With sales charts artist will help African orphans

The plastic artist Leda Risse, from 06 to 10 November, exposed new screens in a badaladíssima exposure. And the venue for the presentation of new work was the Salon d'Art Contemporain, em Montreux, in Switzerland.

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Brazilian Birth, but living there 20 years in Switzerland, Edileusa Batista de Andrade, his Christian name, after their marriage was renamed Edileusa Baptist Risse, which soon became Leda Risse. Born in the year 1966, this Paulista-Pernambuco is only joy and talent.

With this exhibition, the artist made several contacts and already has invitations to exhibit in Brussels, France and the United States. From poor backgrounds, this Brazilian who won the world with his art is an accomplished woman. Married to Thierry Risse, and mother of three, Leda reveals that his talent as an artist began early. At the age of 10 years old, He began painting abstract drawings, feature that carries to the present day.

The artist reveals that his inspiration comes from life's adversities. Pollution of the seas, violence human, the hidden evil people, the struggle for survival, hunger that still has children, Alegria, hope to be happy, the energy that focuses every brushstroke that gives and the desire for a better world, are elements that serve you and help you in color choices to give life to your screens.

Very aware and in tune with the world around you, Lead, as a social, puts their work to produce a better world. The artist became godmother of children orphaned, no Benin, whose parents died victimized by virus HIV, and help a school day care, in the same region.

With sales of his paintings, the money will revert to the purchase of medicines, clothes and slippers for their African godchildren. Leda reveals that these actions are important to "Help make a better world" and goes on to say - "If each help a child not only African, but everywhere, I'm sure there would be so much suffering ".

Hunger still has child has to be a more conscious human being, and cross borders, live outside, made Leda had a broader view of their role as a social being, and put your work on behalf of these social issues.

WebSite: ledarisse.com


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