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Work of Leda Risse. Photo: Disclosure.

Plastic artist is inspired by the moment the world lives to create art on fabrics

After shining on display in Paris, getting the silver medal for his works painted on his canvases, no “France Asia Cultures - the point of the arts”, earlier this year, long before the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the world, Leda Risse, this Brazilian by birth, but living there 20 years in Switzerland, is in social isolation, but without giving up your creativity. See your work at: ledarisse.com \ info@ledarisse.com. The plastic artist created a series of prints on fabrics with the aim of showing that even in times of crisis the artist does not stop creating, and let all your feeling overflow to this moment in which we live.

Like every artist who becomes once of his time and of a society, Leda's inspiration came from people's fear and the war against an enemy common to all, at this time, or coronavirus (COVID19). And make your ideas clear - “What inspired me was to think that in the face of so much difficulty, it is in war that great soldiers are formed ”.

In these works on fabrics, the artist's idea, while in social isolation, was to improve the paintings he has been painting. Hence, the idea of ​​creating prints. With this, Leda noted that he could further improve his staff, from painting canvas to fabrics.

Leda created these prints inspired by divine healing, the difficulties of Brazil and the world, due to the coronavirus pandemic, in freedom, in people's health, in prosperity, no love. In some fabrics, the inspiration of the drawings is something transcendental, in a divine hope, where the resolution to the world's problems is in God.

Leda is an artist who is in a constant state of transformation and very attuned to her time. If it weren't for the coronavirus, the artist would exhibit her paintings in art salons in Belgium and the USA, but he had to stop his travels. Married to Thierry Risse, and mother of three, Leda reveals that his talent as an artist began early. At the age of 10 years old, He began painting abstract drawings, feature that carries to the present day. Still a child, used the tablecloths, tissues, dishcloths and curtains as canvas for your inspiration.

Through this dark moment in which the world is living, the artist uses her time to create. The future, according to it is in the hands of God. However, there is a desire: that your prints can be in some collection of clothes created by some stylist. And Leda leaves a message for everyone who, as she, dream of being artists and living in a better world - “Don't give up on your dreams, however great the obstacles may be ”.

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