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Photo: Ana Rodrigues and João Paulo Pereira.

Studio Image inaugurates works of Ana Rodrigues and João Paulo Pereira

opens on 25 from January to Exhibition


Ana Rodrigues and João Paulo Pereira
Curator Marian Starosta and Ron Maltz
Opening 25/01, at 19h
Visitation: 26/01 to 22/03 – Mon to Fri 10h to 21h, Sat 10am to 16h


The partnership between Ana and John Paul, It arose spontaneously as a dialog imaged through Whatsapp. One sent an image, the other interpreted and sent back a new image that could be read as an answer, equivalence, a graphical or conceptual analogy. The exchange took place in the time required to be thought, produced or found and this time was also part of the game, subverting the immediacy of the medium. Photographed exclusively with mobile.

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The provocations have become a constant stimulus to thought and to look, visually developing an own lexicon. Eventually, analyzing all the images changes, the two photographers realized as the material contained questions about contemporary communication.

At a time when millions of photos are posted every day and emoji, memes and giffs take the place of words and the time between messaging practically does not exist – is that images are in fact read? The speed limited vocabulary and decreases the quality of dialogue? If images posted on social networks require a unique interpretation, what is the place for imagination?

From these questions, Ana and John decided to realize the work in the photobook format was named N.R.A. "None of the answers". The first two volumes have won the world: photobooks participating in fairs in Lisbon, Madrid, Galicia and running by Brazil. The work has participated in group exhibitions in its shape to the wall at the Contemporary Art Museum of Jataí (where was awarded) Centro Cultural Bernardo Mascarenhas in Juiz de Fora and as a projection, during the "Photo Invasion" in RedBull Station in Sao Paulo.

Now, work gets a new reading and, curated by Marian Starosta and Ron Maltz, expands its name to 1 + 1>2, opening the conversation to the participation of all. With unpublished images published in the coming weeks in @ummaisummaiorquedois profile on Instagram, users will be asked to answer the visual proposals with your images, using a # of each proposal. The exhibition, diptychs with the artists and the result of dialogue with the public, will happen in the Atelie Image, in Rio de Janeiro, with the opening day 25 January, and will be updated weekly with new images proposed and answered by the participants to 20 March 2019.

The artists:

Ana Rodrigues develops original work from 2008. Has 4 individual exposures (Haikai – 2011, Growing Garden – 2013, #minhajanelaminha – 2015 and Between – 2017) which were presented in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Juiz de Fora, Curitiba and Sao Paulo. He participated in group exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Beirut, Secure, Moscow, Quito, Lisboa, Rio de Janeiro. Selected for the 16th Art Salon of Jataí. The creative collective that since Escambal 2010 develops works to spread the photo. The collective has produced actions in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Tiradentes. He participated as a guest of festivals like Paraty in Focus, JFoto, and Cinnamon Photo Workshops. In 2018, He participated in the Exchanging Views project sponsored by the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce.

João Paulo Pereira, studied Visual Communication at the National School of Fine Arts of the UFRJ. Studied photography with Dick Welton, He made free courses at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, the creative process to Charles Watson, Art History with Marcelo Rocha, Expanded History of Photography and Photography with Denise Cathilina. Workshop on Image, Photography and Visual Arts with Marcos Bonisson and Project Development with Franz Manat. Photobook with Ron and Walter Maltz Costa Bookshop Madalena, Rio de Janeiro. He attended the news "Images for the Future" at the Cultural Center Yves Alves during the photo in Tariff in Tiradentes also exposed in Villa Aymoré in Rio de Janeiro, in 2018.

Yes, we have Igloos, another duo's work, It is a photographic inventory of the unique housing project in Rio de Janeiro, with houses built in igloos format. It was exposed in Bernardo Mascarenhas Cultural Center in Juiz de Fora and was part of FotoRio 2018 the Karioka Gallery.


Marian Starosta, master communication Unisinos RS, having completed the Comprehensive Certification Program by the International Center of Photography, New York. In 2007 He joined the workshop team Image Cultural Center where he currently is also artistic director and pedagogical. Its the Living Project, series that depicts the Holocaust survivors in Brazil, was displayed in the gallery of arches in the Usina do Gasometer in Porto Alegre and the Solar Grandjean Montigny at PUC Rio.

Rony Maltz is visual artist, Master of Photography by ICP-Bard College (NY) and Ph.D. in EBA-UFRJ. His work was displayed, recently, no DUMBO Arts Festival, International Center of Photography e MoMA P.S.1, in New York; and the Post Office Cultural Center and Federal Justice Cultural Center, in Rio de Janeiro. Producer Fair URCA of Photobooks and curator of the exhibition Books Possible, Workshop on Image (RJ), where lectures on art print. Teacher in the Studio Image.

Exposure Ana Rodrigues and João Paulo Pereira / free entry
Curator Marian Starosta and Ron Maltz
Opening Day 25 January, at 19h
Free entry
Visitation: 26/01 to 22/03 – Mon to Fri 10h to 21h, Sat 10am to 16h
Atelier Gallery Image Cultural Center (of. Pasteur, 453 Urca Rio de Janeiro)

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