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"Mysteries and cupcakes", the debut book by author Paula Barros, banner. Disclosure.
"Mysteries and cupcakes", the debut book by author Paula Barros, banner. Disclosure.

National author publishes detective novel on drug trafficking and social issues

Paula Barros book narrates a criminal investigation and raises reflections on social issues

"Mysteries and cupcakes", o livro de estreia da autora Paula Barros, involves drama and suspense within a detective novel. The work is a compilation of three titles from the Mistérios series, mas que agora ganhou uma edição única pelo Editorial Group Coherence early 2020.

In the story we follow the journalist's life Luisa, she always dreamed of working in the criminal area of ​​the newspaper that works, but is committed to getting involved in the great mystery that surrounded a cupcake carrier, now living moments of real nightmares and an overwhelming passion.

In an interview, Paula Barros afirmou que durante a leitura é possível conhecer personagens inspirados em pessoas reais, as one of his adopted daughters and a priest who helps people in street situations. Thus she proposes to raise social and empathic reflections through a narrative that transits between tense and humorous scenes.

“Despite dealing with some heavy topics, like traffic, abortion and suicide, it has a style that also brings lightness and humor. ”, said.

Despite having been launched in the first half of 2020, "Mysteries and cupcakes" ganhou um evento de lançamento durante a 1ª São Paulo Literary Festival, realizada em novembro deste ano pelo Editorial Group Coherence em parceria com outras editoras.


After getting involved in the great mystery of cupcakes, Luisa keeps a secret. All she wants is to go on with her life in peace, but her recent past insists on haunting her, making your routine a real nightmare. If that weren't enough, the young journalist still has to deal with a sudden passion while supporting her friends in their personal dramas. But nothing will stop her from facing several challenges, investigations and many problems, figuring out, between one revelation and another, who still has a lot to learn about love, courage and forgiveness.

Get ready to learn more about our country's cultural and social diversity with the Mysteries series, now in single volume!


Paula Barros was born in São Paulo. Graduated in Pedagogy, Letters and Psychopedagogy, since 2002 is a teacher who believes in transforming people through education. Always liked to study and write. As a child I dreamed of becoming a writer, finding inspiration in Agatha Christie, Clive Staples Lewis, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Rubem Alves and Machado de Assis. She is married and has six children, who love with passion. She is a blogger and literary youtuber on the channel Vem pra Narnia.

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Author: Paula Barros

Edition: 1
Year: 2020
Genus: Police Fiction
Pages: 255
Language: Portuguese
Weight: 300
Format: 16X23
ISBN: 9788553272068

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