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Reviews on the works of Marlene Steps by the artist herself

Marlene Passos é Artista Plástica.

Marlene Passos is Plastic Artist.

Marlene Steps lived for a long time in Angatuba, He was collaborator of the newspaper of Angatuba, and in this period Besides writing quite developed the art of painting. Person of great sensitivity, observant attentive to more subtle expressions of nature, chose themes that carried over from the eco-surreal. Today, living in Sorocaba, Marlene, through the Wave site 21, seize the opportunity to introduce yourself and explain your work, She who claims to recognize that you need to improve your technique, your style. With the word, Marlene Steps:

"My name is Marlene Steps, I was born in the city of Santo Expedito São Paulo. I had a nice and fun, as a teenager moved with my parents to Presidente Prudente, It was a fun time too.

Dimensões Azuis de Marlene de Meira PassosI've always liked to write, create characters, composing poems but not yet lived had awakened in me the gift of painting. At the age of 18 years moved to Sorocaba, It was an age somewhat difficult, After a few years I got married and went to live in Angatuba where I had a turbulent marriage, wonderful friends and two sons magnificent.

At that time I wrote 6 years for the paper to Angatuba whose responsible journalist is a friend of mine Air. In an instant he started painting inspiration, I've done a basic course and now do the advanced course to enhance knowledge. My passion for surreal grows every day. I've always been a fan of Salvador Dali.

After a negative period I got divorced and I live in Sorocaba. I started making pedagogy, I worked for a year in a school Hall, I was with a class of fifth grade. I felt in my soul that I had no gift for a profession so illustrious.

Paz no Aconchego

I did a course in environmental education and worked in the security area in the lobby of a Grand Lodge… Always painting and struggling to conquer a space. Everything is illuminated and different inspires me, my soul loves paint, make it count makes all the difference. My life and my inspiration is devoted to God.

When sprouts the inspiration in the depths of my being is like a portal was opening up playing with shapes and colors. Reality is something very visible and at the same time elusive because it's part of what going on, already the surreal comes from dreams, of immortality. The story is part of smallness where decreases the value of the essence. Who dreams if Immortalizes through the mystery of creation. All that is beautiful or different soon inspires me to paint, I still have a lot to learn but the magic going slow.

Mistérios das Tintas de Marlene de Meira PassosI'm not a master in painting, I admire those who are, but still my soul illuminates the brush helps carry me to a white screen and a different guise.

I always say that I play with the colors, other times I think I should take more seriously, that is, Learn more, of course!

In short, the painting makes me well, After painting them I'm watching, so I believe that in time get better ...

I think the most be surreal ".

Source: Wave 21


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