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Barbatuques and Hermeto Pascoal. Photo: Disclosure.

Barbatuques launches new album "Ayú" at Sesc Pinheiros, in concert with participation of Hermeto Pascoal

Partnership already consolidated in the album will be played live on the stage of Teatro Paulo Autran

10 and 11 October

A Sesc Pinheiros receive in days 10 and 11 of October the new show of Barbatuques, on release of new album Ayú. On occasion, the group will be attended by Hermeto Pascoal as special guest.

Fourth release on CD of the band, Ayú has an overlap of different styles and aesthetics, restating the essence of Barbatuques and revealing the numerous sound experience experienced by the Group, as the carimbó, Coco, toré indígena, cry, maracatu, Baiana, Rock, Beatbox, Kecak and African music, as well as the influence of different percussive features and accents. The album features musical direction of Fernando Beard, the Group's founder, and the composer, conductor and music director Carlos Bauzys.

Barbatuques and Hermeto Pascoal. Photo: Disclosure.

Barbatuques and Hermeto Pascoal. Photo: Disclosure.

"The compositions of Ayú extend the body music group approach”, declares Beard, on the current album. Arisen from reflection on what new directions the group could go, the members of Barbatuques deepened on exploitation of timbres, melodies and harmony, transcending the simple definition of body percussion for body music. The trial of vocal techniques, melodic and rhythmic of the group resulted in a job more elaborate than the previous vocally.

In the Repertoire are the unpublished compositions of the Group, built in different formats: now with lyrics, now instrumentals, with a focus on Phonics or percussive techniques. The variety of composers active between the fifteen members bring diversity to disk, reinforced by the participations of Naná Vasconcelos and Hermeto Pascoal during the recording, two references within the universe of sound body.

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Body music group arose in 1995 and consolidated, developing a single job, through his compositions, techniques, exploration of timbres and creative procedures, becoming an international reference in.

From research and creations of Fernando Beard and your contact with musician Mohd Mardani, Barbatuques gave rise to different techniques of body percussion, vocal percussion, tap and musical improvisation, developed in their collective experiences and added to the individual members ' luggage.

Their previous album, Tum Man, released in 2012, It was dedicated to children. The group is still in your Discography The body of the sound, of 2002 and The following is this, of 2005.

Local: Teatro Paulo Autran (1.010 places)

Days: 10 and 11 October 2015, Saturday, 21h and Sunday, 18h

Duration: 90 minutes

Rating: Free to all audiences

Tickets: R$ 30,00 (entire). R$ 15,00 (half: student, public school server, + 60 years, retirees and people with disabilities). R$ 9,00 (full credential: worker of trade in goods, services and tourism at Sesc and enrolled dependents). Tickets on sale through the gate www.sescsp.org.br and at the box office of the SescSP.
Sale limited to four tickets per person. Entry is not permitted after the start of the show.


Address: Paes Leme Street, 195. Check on map:


Box office: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 9:00 pm. Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 to 6:00 pm.
Tel.: 11 3095.9400.

Valet parking: Tuesday to Friday, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm; Saturday, Sunday, holiday, from 10h to 19h. Rates / vehicles and motorcycles: for activities at Teatro Paulo Autran, single price: R$ 6,00.



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