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Paul Bruno. Photo: Disclosure.
Paul Bruno. Photo: Disclosure.

St. Louis barbershop promotes exposure of the artist Paul Bruno

With Ambiance created by designer, site promotes sale of paintings, exposure and lettering on the day 16

The St. Louis Barber Shop, Barbershop-fresh in the neighborhood of Aclimação in São Paulo, promotes the day 16 September an exhibition of artist and designer Paul Bruno.

All the setting and collection are of the artist himself, leveraging presence to make a lettering live on the wall of the barber shop. The paintings on display will also be for sale.

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For Monica, one of the partners of St Louis, It's an opportunity to show the versatility of the space "in concept are a barbershop for men, and in practice we offer Spa, Pub, games room, and now, We promote an art exhibition to our audience. We are with our space and showing that our Barber Shop is an inclusive and diverse "claims.

According to the artist, the idea is to bring the atmosphere of the old Barber shops, full of pictures and images, but your printing art : "I believe that abstract art and typography combine with various styles and I have high hopes in this combination of styles and of public acceptance. I'm sure it will be a leap in visual, that is excellent "points Paul.


Date: 16 September
Local: St. Louis Barbershop-R. Alabaster, 511, Aclimação
Time: From the 12:00

Free entry


To learn more about Paul Bruno, visit: paulobruno.com

About the barber shop St Louis

The barbershop St Louis came to become a reference in the shop in the neighborhood of Aclimação, in São Paulo. Thinking on vanity and male welfare, the space also offers a Pub – Besides the services of Barber and hairdresser, Spa and capillary treatment.

Such diverse treatments, such as: Coloring, hydration of hair and Beard, Besides Hair Detox, coming up with the current men's needs. Already the menu of SPA services offers full-body hair removal, eyebrow design, hot stone massages, energizing and relaxing, exfoliation and body moisturizing, treatment of acne and oil, treatment of Folliculitis, lymphatic drainage, manicure and pedicure.

About to turn one year, the shop attracts more and more followers, that when they are not enjoying the beauty services, enjoy good times in Pub, where you can enjoy traditional cocktails and craft beers, accompanied by high gastronomy, sports programming on tv and live music on weekends.

Service | St. Louis Barber Shop

Opening time: Monday to Friday from 10 at 9:00 pm, Saturdays from 10 at 18h.
Pub opening hours: Monday-Thursday from 15 at 11:00 pm, Saturdays from 12:00 to 12:00 am.


Reservations and customer service: 11.3207-2882 | 11.96474-6890 (Whatsapp)

Source | St. Louis Barber Shop


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