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Chat with the sculptor Vilma Noel. Photo: Audrey Emilia.

Chat with the sculptor Vilma Noel

The Braille Sector is performing in the period 04 September to 17 October to Exhibition "Tactile Feeling", the mining sculptress Vilma Noel. And has the honour to invite you to participate in a dynamic chat for the artist's interaction with the public, on 15 October (Thursday), to 14:30.

This is more of an event held in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the sector. Do not forget to honor us!

Chat with the sculptor Vilma Noel

Date: 15 October (Thursday)
Local: Biblioteca Pública Estadual Luiz de Bessa (Praça da Liberdade, 21, 2º Andar – Funcionários, Belo Horizonte/MG)
Time: 14:30;
Target audience: everyone

Price: Free entrance


Only see with your eyes is a very limited action than the senses can offer. The sensory experience is something unique and goes unnoticed by those who settle on you see with your eyes and the art, as well as the vision, offers us an infinite possibility of interpretations and peculiar and personal sensations. As a way to offer this unique experience and facilitate access to works of art, the State Public Library Luiz de Bessa, in partnership with the Minas Gerais sculptor Vilma Noel, Open the exhibition "Tactile Feeling".



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