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BH Shopping – QG DMAIS. Disclosure.
BH Shopping – QG DMAIS. Disclosure.

Belo Horizonte is preparing to receive the 4th edition of DMAIS DESIGN

It may seem a matter of knowledge of few and unknown to the vast majority of the population, but, the development of all object always has behind a design project that was thought to enhance your use. Examples abound, the design is in fashion, in creating products, on mobile, on the packaging and on the furniture of our homes. In other words, the design is in everything that we use. And exactly for the purpose of bringing people together this concept, propose chats and reflection about the subject that the DMAIS Design was created.

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In your 4th Edition, that will be held from 19 to 25 of June, the DMAIS is an urban festival of design that can be configured as a major initiative of the segment in Minas Gerais. The originator of the design week's mining entrepreneur Renato Tomasi and your inspiration was the traditional design week of Milan, Italy. In this issue, the festival enjoys the patronage of FIEMG – Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Minas Gerais, and Bank support BDMG, the Hunter Douglas and inner Leader.

Renato Tomasi. Foto: Henrique Queiroga.

Renato Tomasi. Photo: Henry Queiroga.

In total will be approximately 100 events held throughout the city, including product launch, lectures, cocktails, exhibitions and interventions. Always with the focus on dialogue with other areas of design, as fashion, jewelry and art. Most of the events is free and open to the public. "We really want to create a calendar that discuss and present design, generating business and attracting tourists, as is the case in major world design weeks. It is important that the design spreads. The DMAIS is the period when the design community comes alive in BH ", reveals Tomasi.

That's how Jaqueline Frauches, Director of the ABD-MG – Brazilian Association of Interior Designers/MG evaluates the DMAIS. "The festival puts Belo Horizonte in the Brazilian design event scenario. An intense week of diversified stock feeds with information professionals, shakes the market and open opportunities for new business ", highlights.

Rodrigo Already Cezário, stylist and member of the State Council for cultural policy of fashion and design, claims that the design is responsible for adding value to the various sectors of the economy and promote the improvement of the quality of life of society. "Brazilian design is in training and events like the DMAIS are an essential importance for strengthening and disseminating our cultural production", complete.

News programming

Sergio Faher e Jack Faher. Foto: Pierre Yves REFALO.

Sergio Faher and Jack Faher. Photo: Pierre Yves REFALO.


The meeting point of the festival DMAIS Design will be on BH Shopping, traditional shopping center of Belo Horizonte. No local, the collective P, junction of professionals in the areas of architecture, Interior design and communication that have come together to work collaboratively will sign an area of 500 meters2. The gang promises to, by means of an exhibition, rethink our way of living. "More to present formal environments, We want to invite the public to enter, try, If you see another angle and rethink space itself ". Argues the architect Marina Dubal, one of the members of the collective.

In space there will also be new releases, chats, lectures and workshops, all free. The full program can be read through the site www.dmaisdesign.com.br

Timeless Modern

Zanini de Zanine. Foto: Divulgação DMAIS.

Zanini de Zanine. Photo: Disclosure DMAIS.

Among the events will be the anchor of the festival is the Timeless Modern, decorating show vintage contemporary and is a big hit in São Paulo. In 2nd Second Edition in the State capital, the shows had your date early to join the DMAIS programming Design. The property is a point to the, a House of the year 70, located in the Mangabeiras. Altogether, are 20 signed by professional environments as Jaqueline Frauches, Fernando Rodolfo and Germaine Giannetti, Will Lobato among others. The DMAIS festival environment Design signed by architect Juliana Lima Vasconcellos. ­­

Urban Events

The participants of this edition are of multiple threads, which reinforces the idea of expand and discuss the design in various chapters. Check out the list of some of the participants: CP Gardens, Decoration, Gauja, Mobile America, Brazil Design Center, Ark Concept, Tone on tone, Space 670, Manoel Balasubramanian, House Leopoldina, Acaiaca building, AD&D, Coven, Linea D ’ oro, Inner Leader, Felix Maldonado, US, Centro Universitario Metodista Izabela Hendrix, Suka Braga, Prodomo Design, Marcela Bartolomeo Art Office, Donatelli, Hunter Douglas, Templuz, Sandra and Marcio, Hardy Design, Club Ark, Phosphorus Scenography, Pop up Parklet, Pátio Savassi, Impact Hub BH, Brazilian Version, Jardin, Quality Decorations, Bh Shopping, Timeless Modern BH, Sun&Air, Papilio carpets and A.de Art, among other.

DMAIS Application Design

Who wants to give more convenience to the events which form part of the official program of the festival simply download the application available on App Store and Google Play. Just search for DMAIS Design.

To help the public to organize for the various activities, in the application it is possible to filter by interests as: show, facilities, lectures, product launches, workshops, happy hour etc. There is still the possibility of selecting by date and region, locating on a map and specific driving directions.

Stay on top

Valley track Instagram the festival (@dmais_design) and stay on top of news and preparations.

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