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Bia Black – “Paint is a consequence of being alive” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

BIA, make a summary of your career.

My parents and grandparents came from different places in Russia for Brazil, during the war, leaving it all behind.

I graduated from speech therapist, I did a master's degree, specialization and exercised by 25 years.

I've always been a tomboy.

I went back to College and USP, on MAC renewed my desire to be an artist.

Many courses of specialization and improvement followed and was part of the Faculty of MuBE by 10 years ministering Atelier technique.

My work is essentially contemporary and do various experiments using different measures in different media.

Bia Black é Artista Plástica.

BIA Black is an artist.

Paper use, paper craft, Photos, iron oxide, tissues or just the screen and inks.

Pinto to the oil, acrylic, But what I like is to use tempera, When preparing with my own ink pigments.

Poets such as Hilda Hilst, writers such as Mia Couto and artists such as Rothko, Dieberkorn, Klein, Jasper Jones as well as Antonio Miranda, Marina Saleme, Deborah P and many others have inspired me with their work and attitudes.

Paint is a consequence of I'm alive.


Where did you born? And what is your academic training?

Was born in São Paulo, Capital and I'm first Master in speech therapy (1972) with academic extension in contemporary art (2002).

How and when you give your first contact with the Arts?

I'm interested in art since she was a kid and was a tomboy.

How did you find this gift?

I've always liked. Painted furniture in my parents ' House, the walls, did collages…

M196 de Bia Black.

What are your main influences?

Ianelli, Rothko, Klein.

What materials do you use in your works?

Screen support, wood, paper and paper craft prepared caseiramente.

Oil paint, acrylic, Glue, pigments and temper Nanjing, iron oxide.

M135 de Bia Black.

What is your creative process itself? What inspires you?

Poetry and texts inspire me a lot, as Hilda Hilst, Mia Couto, as well as themes of birds, girls and trees.

When you started effectively to produce or create your works?

Works to be exhibited and marketed in 2002.

Art is an intellectual production exquisite, where emotions are embedded in the context of creation, but in art history, we see that many artists are derived from other, following technical and artistic movements through time, you own any model or influence of any artist? Who would be?

Yves Klein, Rothko, Ianelli, Marina Saleme, Antonio Miranda.

What does art mean to you? If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of Arts in your life…

Paint is a part of me, of my existence. Give me pleasure.

M095 de Bia Black.

What techniques do you use to express their ideas, feelings and perceptions about the world? (Whether it is through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, photography… or uses several techniques in order to make a mix of different art forms).

Did and still express myself with three-dimensional objects and in particular boxes, where through collages I express myself well.

Interventions in family photos and others were grounds for recognition and awards in the official salons.

Painting on paper, on canvas and wood, with different techniques fascinates me.

The trial is part of my creative process.

The style though, It's always the same, contemporary art.

M048 de Bia Black.

Every artist has his mentor, that person who you have mirrored, you encouraged and inspired you to follow this career, going ahead and taking your dreams the other expression levels, who this person is and how it introduced you in the art world?

Professor Silvio Coutinho, Professor Waldo Bravo, Professor Latorre, Teachers Marina Saleme, Deborah P and Nazareth Pacheco, as well as the artist Antonio Miranda who learned a lot about design and paint Alchemy.

You have another activity beyond art? You give lessons, lectures, etc..?

Class. I've taught classes in space 4 for children with special needs, the Finarte and MUBE in recent 10 years.

Its major national and international exhibitions and their awards?

I attended shows in NY, Miami, California, Stockholm, Rome, London, Firenze, Vienna and Lichenstein.

I got first place prize last year in Lichenstein, in London and commandery at Sweden's individual.

Several national awards in official art salons, as the Pinacoteca of France, MAM de Rezende, MAC/USP, etc.

Bia Black.

Your plans for the future.

Continue painting here and in the USA where I live half the year and participate of the Atelier O'Hanlon in California.

Website: www.biablack.net

Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/bia.black.3





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