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Title - "Diptych". year - 2017. Technique - Oil on canvas. dimensions - 27 x 23 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Bianca Boeckel Gallery exhibits new work Camila Alvite

“One Minute Before "features 15 paintings that reflect a new focus in the production of the artist, which happens to be a protagonist in portraits and self-portraits representing different characters

A Bianca Boeckel Galeria displays "One Minute Before“, visual artist São Paulo Camila Alvite, curated by Bianca Boeckel. In his second solo show at gallery, the artist presents his latest production 15 oil on canvas paintings, which show an alternation process in the focus of his work, in exercising leadership by putting highlighted – questioning his own figure – represented in different characters.

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One Minute Before"Expresses an intimate connection with the current creative process Camila Alvite: to imagine a scene, a sensation, just a moment, the artist is characterized with makeup and props. Then, shooting or ask someone to shoot and, from these images, performs paintings. “It was a fluke. Me interested in the technical, I wanted to make a picture. I had an idea of ​​my makeup all, I called a friend and asked her to photograph me. The elements were appearing, fantasy and character emerged. As before a photograph posada there is one last, deep breath, the exhibition talks about this moment we are still alone. 'One Minute Before' attempts to capture an intimate wire, a touch of hands, a sigh”, explains the artist.

Even about his creation method, Camila Alvite He believes that painting is like a project: “The painting begins long before, in a book I'm reading, a song I'm listening to. Observation comes a scene, ideas come from, the images. The process of the paintings comes before, when it comes time to move on to the screen, painting has happened, It is already settled”. From this, the artist also draws up portraits of friends, his grandmother, parents and nephews. Always seeing the person as a way to explore a new technique, on a constant learning, in an attempt to explore a greater meaning.

At the end, which Camila Alvite paints ends up being completely different from the picture, that is only one step. Although the paintings take another path – the colors change, facial expressions also -, show who the person before that time to take the picture, through gesture motion, the countenance, vent and reaction. Yet, from the same image, It produces different screens, at different times. “But I'm always playing a character, that moment before the picture – serving as a reference of what I show in the paint”, comments.

This self-portraits and portraits of work, Camila Alvite advances and creates figures with covered face, off, “as beings seeking a way to exist”. In his words: “It's like if I asked: Who is that person, what it means? I sought inspiration in the book 'Inventories Minimum', David Lapoujade, which deals with the potential that accompany each existence”. About this, curator comments: “When you poses for a photograph, you want to show your best version. The artist, In this job, captures what the photo does not show, a story that is not being revealed”.

By leaving aside issues that have been recurring in your artwork, Camila Alvite highlights a new aspect, developed and studied over the past 5 years: the pictures. About this change, Bianca Boeckel comments: “With paintings of animals and architecture, was always a fantastic and impersonal universe - had the trace of the artist, but the focus was another. From there, there was a disruption to create other scenes, people and interactions. I realize that she needed to go to the peak of the auto exposure, which is a large self-portrait, to find a serenity and back. Thus, could break shyness, your fears, and feel safe to find a new path”.

Exhibition: “One Minute Before
Artist: Camila Alvite
Curated By: Bianca Boeckel
Opening: 8 May 2019, on wednesday, at 19h
Period: 9 of May to 8 June 2019
Local: Bianca Boeckel Galeria www.biancaboeckelgaleria.com
Rua Domingos Leme, 73 - Vila Nova Conceição - São Paulo, SP
Tel.: (11) 2691-1190
Timetables: Thursday to Saturday, from 12 at 19h | Monday to Wednesday, with scheduling: contato@biancaboeckelgaleria.com
Number of works: 15
Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: varied
Prices: R$ 5.000,00 the R $ 28.000,00


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Camila Alvite

She graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the Fine Arts and in Social Communication from ESPM. Lives and works in São Paulo. In 2017, He attended the Art Laguna Prize in Venice, the Curitiba Biennial, the architect / Art Gallery and the exhibition "exercise", at Galeria Jaqueline Martins, curated by Marcio Harum. Held individual exhibitions "Trimming", na Vilanova Gallery (Current Bianca Boeckel Gallery) – SP (2014), and "pools", in the Studio 397 – SP (2009). Participated in several group exhibitions as "Per se", Bianca did Boeckel Gallery (2018), 25º Pará Art Salon – Belém - PA (2006), X and XI Biennial Santos – Santos - SP (2006, 2008), having won the awards Hall Of No Artists Gallery - Single Award, Hall of Santo André Art – Acquisitive Award and 38th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Piracicaba – Acquisitive Award Town Hall.

Bianca Boeckel Galeria

Located in the central park area, promotes established artists and rising, establishing itself as a meeting point for those who appreciate art. In 2018, changes its name to Vilanova Gallery Bianca Boeckel Gallery and celebrates 5 years of Foundation. Has 29 exhibitions promoted in your space, highlighting the individual Virgilio Neves, Camila Alvite, Rodrigo Edelstein, they Verz, Katia Wille and George Feitosa. In 2018, participates for the first time the SP-Arte / Foto, in São Paulo, and 2019, SP-Arte - International Fair of Art of São Paulo. In partnership with the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo, promotes individual "Slowly”, of Allann Seabra, curated by Bianca Boeckel - shows that occupied the MAS-Metro area Tiradentes (janeiro/2019). Throughout this period of operation, won space in the specialized media in art, as culture notebooks major Brazilian newspapers, weekly tours of exhibitions, journals, TV and online media. The gallery caters to a demanding audience, always looking for news in photo, paintings, sculptures and various media. Intense research and ensure curated shows a detail with a wide variety of conceptually meaningful art and visually stimulating. In addition to individual and collective, an eclectic collection and constantly renewing allow collectors always enjoy new works and learn about the latest trends. Bianca Boeckel, owner and gallery director, also acts as curator and consultant for artists and customer base, using its international experience.

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