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Brazil won the first Fine Art Photography Book

The work "Fine Art Photography", the photographer Danny Bittencourt, teaches How to develop the art photography through experience and personal concerns of each photographer, regardless of practice area. A step-by-step from the brainstorm, until the execution and image processing.

Memory 1, Fine Art Photography of Danny Bittencourt.The term "Fine Art" is a common expression in the Middle when it comes to photo printing. But there is another application of the term, that in Brazil is still very little theoretical. It is the practice of photography, without commercial bias, characterized by fanciful productions and by focusing on the personal experience of the author and their psychological conditions.

Although the Fine Art Photography is a copyright image, intended to express the creative vision of the artist, She does not relieve the need for in-depth studies, dedication, research and learning processes of realization techniques, otherwise "the image becomes empty and meaningless".

In this book, the author teaches how to capture in photography the feelings, sensations and desires that make up the inner world of each photographer, whether amateur or professional. By applying techniques and tools, She explains how to develop a personal poetic visual language, attractive and based on universal concepts of fine arts.

The work covers subjects related to photography in the Visual Arts, the Fine Art market, reading and imagery meanings that collaborate to map the concept of Fine Art in the context of contemporary photography, among others. It is also a reflection on some recurring areas of art photography, as well as editing and creative process treatment.

Fine Art Photography of Danny Bittencourt.The book features guest appearances from major names in art photography, among them with the American Brooke Shaden, one of the major references when it comes to fine art photography. For those who identify with the artistic photography, but could never understand your process or how to apply it in your projects, This book opens borders to Fine Art Photography, demythologizing any prejudice about this photo.

The book will be officially launched on the day 08 October, at Livraria Cultura Bourbon Shopping Country, in Porto Alegre, but it is already for sale on the website of the Publisher: www.iphotoeditora.com.br.

About the author

Danny Banerjee is a Brazilian visual artist, from Porto Alegre, graduated in photography, Master's degree in education and a specialist in Visual Poetics. Carry on luggage more than 7 solo exhibitions and various participations in collective exhibitions, having their works, for example, in Venice, Italy. March 2014 He founded the School of art photography (www.efartistica.com), He was born of a concern, the desire to stimulate and inspire students and photographers to express themselves through photography. His copyright work is based on Artistic Photography, as process, implementation and its possible interventions. Your images are built through a personal process of their concerns and reflections. His favorite techniques are Fine Art Photography, interventions in photography and underwater photography.

Fine Art Photography Book of Danny Bitttencourt


Fine Art Photography

Author: Danny Bittencourt

Pages: 160

Format: 17x24cm

Price: R$ 59,00

Finishing: brochure

Publisher: iPhoto

WebSite: www.iphotoeditora.com.br


Fine Art Photography of Danny Bittencourt.

Fine Art Photography of Danny Bittencourt.

Fine Art Photography Book cover of Danny Bittencourt.


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