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Invitation BRASILIDADE, Exhibition of artist Raquel Lima. Disclosure.

“BRASILIDADE”, Exhibition of artist Raquel Lima

Between comings and goings, I've been charting my artistic career in a frantic search for grow, acquire knowledge and give my art better than my soul can offer. Since I was a kid, to accompany my late father with your poesis, I learned to have a different look, watching the world otherwise. This gave me a distinct sensitivity, which the artist needs to have to experience an existential experience at the time of preparation of your work.

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the art is to me an alchemy that makes my life more interesting. Her, I found the philosopher's stone and through it make the transformation from a tangle of feelings, colors, paints, various materials on records in my canvases. Exploring various sources, I created the elixir of longer life for me.

There are more than 20 years in the market of art, overcoming difficulties to establish myself as an artist, being persistent in my want, I have developed my art creatively and could realize some dreams. Participated in many exhibitions in Brazil, in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. My works have won public spaces: "The left of Dona Joaquina" at the Museum Owner Joaquina of Pompéu (Pompéu, MG) and another work "Fly,I'm going to,flight in the Pampulha airport (Belo Horizonte, MG). Crossed Brazilian borders and participated in several international exhibitions in New York, London, Madrid, Lisboa, Vienna and Punta Del Leste. Recently, realized the dream of participating in an art exhibition in a place of world relevance: through the series Brasilidade, I represented our country, at United Nations Headquarters (UN), in New York City, USA.

in this series, apply the artefazer and go into a fantastic world of ideas inspired by the joyful prints and exquisite floral ' of the "cheetahs". This simple fabric originating in India in the 17th century, came to Brazil with the Europeans from 1800. Inspired in this tangle of colors and flowers, come abstract beauty of prints, disregarding the rudeness of Calico. Explore this universe in many ways, causing interference in my works, constructing and deconstructing the floral images; changing the colours, now the bottom, now the flowers, using different techniques, daring and looking for instigating the fruidoresque observe my work.

I'm tacking this my design and tailoring my ideas with the intention of taking viewers to contemplate the simplicity and beauty of something precious and our, one of the icons of our nationality, the "cheetahs", our joy, our Brazilian.


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