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Exhibition "ASE - Poetics of Empowerment". Photo: Ricardo Prado.

CAIXA Cultural São Paulo has Ase – Poetics of Empowerment

unprecedented multimedia exhibition brings imagistic content and collections of six african-Bahian associations - Sons of Gandhy, Ile Aiye, Debra, Muzenza, Didá Courtship and Afro - to discuss beauty and struggle for equality.

Between the days 12 November and 19 January, Cultural São Paulo receives CASH Downfall – Poetics of Empowerment, exhibition that brings out the struggle for affirmation, knowledge, self esteem, acceptance and appreciation of the african-Brazilian origins through the poetic tools used by blocks and african afoxés. The visit is open to the public and takes place from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 6:00 pm. The project is produced by Window of the World and has the sponsorship of CAIXA and Federal Government.

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The exhibition brings religion, music, dance, poetry, costumes and behavior as tools to tell their resistance paths and their legacy of beauty and empowerment. The sample is divided into four parts: Origins brings Candomble as cultural background from which emerge these entities, in addition to aesthetic and musical issues, as collective living space; DANCE shows the body as a memory space and self- expression vehicle; Aesthetics brings beauty and behavior as tools in the process of construction of identities and subjectivities; MUSIC, as ancestral knowledge and vehicle information, which tells the story of black people. Statements of experts as Jaime Sodre, Makoto Valdina, Gabi Guedes, Letieres Leite, Luciano Gomes, Zebrinha, Vania Oliveira, Alberto Pitta and Negra Jho, among many others, They help you understand these poetic tools.

The exhibition also tells the story of each institution told through documents, objects, videos and photos. Besides own collections of these groups, the exhibition includes names like images Pierre Verger, Mario Cravo Neto, Marcel Gautherot and Zumvi - Photographic Archive, designed by the Bahian photographer Roberto Lazarus, which has more than 30 thousand photographs of the black movement Soteropolitano recorded since the early 1980. Artists like Gilberto Gil, Lazaro Ramos, Lazzo Matumbi, Margareth Menezes, Ellen Oléria and Veko Araújo They lend their voices to recitations of classic lyrics of each college.

From the career and legacy of the entities Children of Gandhy, Ile Aiye, Debra, Muzenza, Going Cortejo Afro, Downfall – Poetics of Empowerment It is a tribute to all afoxés and blocks african Bahia, musicality, plastic, expression and cultural resistance and shows its political activity, artistic and pedagogical in their communities.

About CAIXA Cultural São Paulo

The CAIXA Cultural São Paulo offers a diverse programming, with free options, encouraging inclusion and citizenship. The space is located in a historic building in Cathedral Square, built in style "Art Deco" and opened in 1939. Has four galleries, Great hall, auditorium and workshop room. In 2018, presented 40 cultural and educational projects such as dance performances, theater, shows, debates, dramatic readings, workshops and lectures. The area also houses the Museum of CAIXA, a permanent exhibition that has facilities and many original objects, preserved since the late 40, keeping alive the history of the institution and a time of São Paulo and Brazil.

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Downfall – Poetics of Empowerment
Local: CAIXA Cultural São Paulo (Cathedral Square, 111 – Center – São Paulo – SP)
Opening: 12 November, at 19h
Visitation: from 13 November to 19 January 2019
Time: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 at 19h
Free Entry
Parental guidance: Free for all audiences
Information: (11) 3321-4400
Sponsorship: CAIXA and Federal Government

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