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Kickante campaign offers book sale of 50 Bob Wolfenson's career years: DISNORTH

Portraits, Polaroids and images taken from books trace the photographer's life work

Photographer Bob Wolfenson launches sales campaign for his new book DESNORTE, that has portraits, fashion pictures, polaroides, images taken from books/exhibitions, travel photos, photographic notes, family albums and female nudes to celebrate the 50 years of your career.

Throughout that time, Wolfenson photographed national and world icons. Names like Caetano Veloso, Sonia Braga, Anitta, Rita Lee, among others are among those who have already been clicked by their lenses. are records, images and works that helped to form the Brazilian cultural ideology within fashion and the arts.

About the launch, the photographer says that, "the idea of ​​making a book that celebrates the passing of my 50 years of career emerged at the end of 2019. Among many comings and goings, postponements, lack of raw material and, worst of all, a pandemic, I managed to launch it now in 2021. Of course, a book celebrating a trajectory as long and diverse as mine was difficult to organize. what to put, what to choose, how to make, what format? Anyway, all these questions grew and presented themselves at the time of the edition itself.”

The sales campaign has no end date and books can be purchased on the Kickante website according to each reward package, values ​​range from BRL 280 to BRL 5600.


Bob Wolfenson was born in 1954, in São Paulo, where he lives and works. From the beginning of your career, at sixteen years of age, up to the present day, Wolfenson has worked with different genres of photography. One of the national references as a portrait artist, nude and fashion photographer, Wolfenson moves between his artistic projects, the editorial context and advertising.

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His most prominent exhibitions took place in influential Brazilian institutions, such as the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), Maria Antonia Cultural Center, Brazilian Art Museum (MAB-FAAP), Cultural Porto Seguro, Jewish Culture Center, SESC/ Good Retreat, as well as at Galeria Millan - which has represented him since 2004.

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