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#WeAreItaly campaign "We are Italy". Disclosure.

#WeAreItaly campaign "We are Italy"

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides web unpublished material of its incredible cultural institutions

A Italian Cultural Institute in Rio de Janeiro, official organ of the Italian Government, which aims to spread the culture and the Italian language in Brazil, promotes along with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the virtual campaign dubbed "#WeAreItaly” “We are Italy” e “#StayTunedOnIt” “Stay Tuned!”. Launched last Thursday, 19/3, aims to show to Brazilians and foreigners in the world an Italy more creative and vital in the days of Pandemic, as well as offering video messages by renowned artists from Italy and one unpublished and free package of materials from various sectors of the Italian Cultural Institutions.

The idea at the origin of this initiative is to show that Italy and Italian culture did not stop, despite the serious difficulties the country is facing in these months, explains the director of the Italian Institute of Culture of Rio de Janeiro, Livia Raponi. "You can continue consuming Italian culture can not even go to the movies, the theater or museums, You can do all this by staying at home, on the same couch. It is a unique opportunity to access the collections, music files, movies and theater shows, among other cultural productions of our country totally free of charge”, Livia complements.

The amount of content available is enormous and touches industries like theatrical and film productions, art and design, TV shows, radio and web. In the literary field can access the collection of Unesco World Digital Library, in the musical scope Theater dell'Opera di Roma released its digital collection, in the art world as the various museums Florence's Uffizi, to Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan and the Museum of Modern Art of Bologna put web content previously not accessible.

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A arte as a, the hosts, does reflect, the refuge and relieves at all times such as now, where the pandemic has reached more than 3,4 thousand people in Italy and affects all citizens of the world.

Italian culture in general is in our lives, in our minds, is gastronomy, in music, the classic movie, architecture, among other segments that influence us every day. In line with the campaign "#WeAreItaly”, Italian artists, as or tenor Andrea Bocelli, or Italian violinist and teacher Uto Ughi, singers and composers Tiziano Ferro, Nicola Piovani (classical composer and soundtracks for movies and pieces of Italian theater), Paolo Fresu (Italian jazz trumpet), There Montellanico (singer), Nek, Academy (flutist), Rita Marcotulli (pianist and songwriter jazz), Fabrizio Bosso (trumpeter) and many others have joined and recorded messages on video making an appeal to all Italians and people from outside the invitation to stay connected with the world of Italian culture, during the same period home isolation.

All legacy of Italian culture can comfort us and bring us closer, this time of change habits, restricting the access to our premises and amending the routine of entire countries seizure spreading to all corners of the world. It is a unique opportunity, for Brazilians and foreigners approaching this rich culture abroad recognized as a benchmark in terms of artistic and cultural heritage, criativity and innovation.

Italy is full of art museums. The Roman art and Renaissance influence many artists and artistic styles throughout history. Italian music is a rich tradition, as the opera and its famous composers, Rossini, Puccini and Verdi. Currently the Italian pop music and romantic Italian style are very successful in and outside the country. The Italian cinema has produced winning films of various international awards between the decades of 1950 and 1980, especially filmmakers Vittorio De Sica, Sergio Leone, Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni and Dario Argento. Many of these productions are now available. Also, are available numerous initiatives that the Italian cultural institutions implemented to provide the Italian and international public unique moments of virtual cultural entertainment.

In the foreground, all to “webculture” offered by museums and archaeological parks, libraries and archives, festivals and theaters, the world of cinema and live entertainment, TV, radio and publishing (as Istituto Luce, Cineteche di Milano and Bologna, Book Fair, Pinacoteca di Brera, MAXXI and many other), demonstrate an extraordinary ability to “occupy” social platforms creatively and quality.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives every day new videos and new exclusive content, which will be available through a dedicated page, social channels (including the YouTube channel) and overseas network of Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institute. STAY TUNED ON ITALY!

A Italian Cultural Institute in Rio de Janeiro actively follows in its mission of promotion and dissemination of the Italian language and culture, even in these days of quarantine. The guidelines received by Rio de Janeiro and Italian authorities have limited physical presence at the headquarters of the IIC and branches, however the entire staff of the Institute, including the secretariat staff, It is working without interruption from their homes, em home working. Even physically distant, They are connected by vituais platforms with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, phone, Skype, among others.

Interested parties may access: www.esteri.it/mae/en/politica_estera/promozione-integrata-del-sistema/weareitaly





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