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OSESP Wind Quintet. Photo: Disclosure.

Chapel Santa Maria receives Current Cultural programming

The chapel Santa Maria will stage two major Current Cultural Attractions. The Opera Orchestra Curitiba with the show ' two-night Gala ' Lyric and the interactive concert Brass Quintet OSESP are part of programming that will move the city.

On Friday and Saturday (days 6 and 7), at 8:30 pm, the space receives the spectacle of Curitiba Lyric Opera Orchestra Gala. The óperá meet Arias and duets by Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti, Mozart, Gomes, Lalo, Bizet, Wagner, Gershwin performed by Ana Paula Brunkov (soprano), Shahin Liesemberg (soprano), Norbert Steidl (baritone), Eduardo Maldonado (tenor), Rubens Rosa (tenor), Ivan Mathew (tenor), Priscilla Malansky (piano) with Musical direction by Alessandro Sangiorgi. Tickets cost $ 20 and 10.

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On Sunday (day 8), às 17h, the Wind Quintet of Osesp formed by José Ananias Souza Lopes (flute), Sérgio Burgani (clarinet), Joel Gisiger (oboe), Alexandre Silverio (bassoon) and Nikolai Alipiev (Horn), features a program with works by Mozart, Eugene Bozza, Malcolm Arnold and Ronaldo Miranda. During the performance, the members include facts about the plays and their authors, explain the features of his instruments and talk about aspects of their lives as musicians, sharing their musical experiences with the public. Tickets cost $ 20 and 10.

The Cultural Current 2015 is a realization of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba (FCC) and the Curitiba Institute for art and culture (ICAC). Has sponsored the Hard Rock Cafe Curitiba, Rolling Stone Magazine, Coca-cola, Spotify, Banco do Brazil and World Free FM. Cultural support Bienal Internacional de Curitiba, Goethe Institute, Instituto Cervantes, Consulate General of Italy, Gepetto Pizzeria, Radiola, Cultural Box, Fecomércio/Sesc-PR, Government of the State of Paraná and Gazeta do Povo. Promotion: RPCTV. Social Support: End Polio Now and Family Erastinho.

Chapel Santa Maria Cultural Space

Address: Rua Laurindo Advisor, 273 - Center
Contact: (41) 3321-2840

Tickets at the box office of the chapel Santa Maria and on the website ingressorapido.com.br


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