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Carlos Meinardi

Carlos Meinardi é Artista Plástico.

Carlos Meinardi's Artist.

Carlos Meinardi

Started in 1999, later degree in Visual Arts, He studied painting and drawing in MARGS, with Paul Porcella and human figure with Plinio Bernardt (2001 to 2003) and other courses, develops his work of figurative drawing and painting in his Studio, in your residence, researching materials and new ways of expressing their art.

Participates in the study of the human body in c. C. Mario Quintana, the MARGS, Municipal Council of culture and other entities. Elaborated in his study, many reinterpretations of works of famous painters. Today has been dedicating the human figure and abstract art (drawing, painting and printmaking) in the most varied techniques with various materials (Acrylic mass, iron filings, iron oxide, Golden powder, and other), in a sign language Expressionist.

Exposes in Brazil and abroad, with works in various museums, including Buckingham Palace. Participated in more than 100 exhibitions (collective/individual).


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Canoes – Rio Grande do Sul
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E-mail: meinarart@yahoo.com.br


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