Carlos Zemek

Carlos Zemek é Curador e Artista Plástico.

Carlos Zemek is Curator and Visual Artist.

Carlos Francisco Zemek

From Rio de Janeiro, born in 01 September 1980. Son of Argentines of Buenos Aires, was born in Rio de Janeiro, But he lived his entire life in Curitiba, City where he currently resides.

Like drawing and painting since childhood. Always used his drawings to express your emotions stronger as your dreams, desires and even your nightmares.

He started painting with oil on canvas 1994 and, while as a technician in Data Processing, expressing his designs creating the Digital Shape Design of Sites, Blogs, Folders and Posters.

As the son of philosophers, always liked to study the human mind, which led him to research and specialize in Hypnosis and Mind Control, but his passion has always been the Arts. His interests range from Art, Science, Philosophy, Ancient religions to the area of ​​Technology. Traveled the Atacama Desert in Chile, Bolivia and Peru to the Lost City of Machu Picchu. It was an amazing experience that has been one of its main sources of inspiration.

Via drawing and painting can express everything that could never be translated or encoded words. — Cazemek

Janela Inca.

Inca Window

Panel Size: 100×80 cm

Theme: Inspired by my trips to Machu Picchu, this is the image that can be seen at sunset from inside several buildings Inca, between the border of Peru and Bolivia up a bit before coming to Cusco and Machu Picchu where the mountains have more vegetation.


Movements of the Time and Space Movimentos do Tempo e Espaço.

Panel Size: 25×25 cm

Theme: Inspired by my studies of astronomy through Documentaries, This canvas represents the gravitational petals produced by a Black Hole, we see in this picture the formation of a Galaxy in the midst of a cloud of gas. A place where time and space itself are twisted into different shapes as the gravitational waves move in a spiral around the Singularity, creating a drawing of a flower made of time and space. The gravitational Movement help to organize the gas and stars forming the arms of galaxies. — Cazemek

As Quatro Estrelas Gêmeas.The Twin Four Star

Panel Size: 25×25 cm

Theme: Inspired by my studies of astronomy, This canvas shows the time of the birth of four stars amid a nebula, its powerful gravitational and magnetic fields shape the spiral gas while the consume. In the universe the emergence of stars sisters is something quite common, Sun himself must have had at least 1 twin star, but with the passage of time and the gravitational dance, one of the stars and thrown away in the Galaxy. — Cazemek

Exhibitions 2013

  • Don Quijote de La Mancha – August – Instituto Cervantes de Curitiba – Curitiba/PR.
  • 1 Arts Salon Carlos Zemek – August – Restaurant Alberto Massuda – Curitiba/PR.
  • World Religions – May – Station Business School – Curitiba/PR.
  • Beauties of Nature – April – Cultural Center Wanda dos Santos Mallmann – Pinhais/PR.
  • Women's Month – March – Station Business School – Curitiba/PR.
  • Thoughts of Artists – Lucania Palazzo Hotel – Commodore Rivadaria / Argentina.
  • Mixtures – February – Department of Culture and Tourism – Patagonia / Argentina.

Exhibitions 2012

  • Images of the World – November – Station Business School – Curitiba/PR.
  • Silences of Man and Nature – September – Station Business School – Curitiba/PR.
  • Cora Coralina Week – August – Dona Doida Restobar – Curitiba/PR.
  • Interaction – August – Portuguese Society of Dezember 1º – Curitiba/PR.
  • Other Silences – July – Solar do Rosário – Curitiba/PR.
  • The Crows of Van Gogh – May – Sesc Água Verde – Curitiba/PR.
  • Exhibition at Gallery Angelo Hasse – May – Curitiba/PR.
  • Liter Arte Paranaense – April – Sesc Água Verde – Curitiba/PR.
  • The World of Dreams – March – Palace of the Lions – Curitiba/PR.
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