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Carolina Saidenberg

Carolina Saidenberg is a Visual Artist.

Carolina Saidenberg is a Visual Artist.

Carolina Saidenberg

Visual Artist born in São Paulo, Brasil.

I draw and paint since childhood, my parents suggested that I start studying oil painting at 11 years old. In 1998 I graduated Bachelor of Arts from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. Later a postgraduate by Faculty of Fine Arts of St. Paul, 2003. In 2011 I lived for a period in MilanItaly for art studios, fashion design and jewelry.

I'm influenced by the French Impressionists, postimpressionists, Japanese culture and style and figurative painters, such as Modigliani, Monet, Klimt, Gaughin, Van Gogh, Lautrec, Degas among others, creating my own modernist style.

I've been working symbolist paintings series inspired on urban life, presenting nostalgic scenes, elements and beings that inhabit it as a world of dreams and impressions. The contrasts between nature and urban, modern and antique, decadent and new under a watchful eye. This look may be of a bird or the look of the soul, it changes with the environment, it is the look that needs to survive and adapt to a constantly changing. I also do series of paintings inspired by the East and gueishas.


  • 9Exposure Exchange Japanese-Brazilian - Consulate General of Japan, SP – Brasil. 2013
  • 9th Catalogue of Exhibition Japanese-Brazilian Exchange – Brazil. 2013
  • 85 Sorrisos – collective and beneficent fund raising auction – Campinas – Brasil. 2013
  • Individual Exposition – Paris, France. 2013
  • Gallery L'Oeil Catalogue , 1° Autumn Salon in Latin America - Aliança Francesa – São Paulo, Brasil. 2013
  • 1° Autumn Salon of Latin America – L'Oeil Gallery Alliance Française – São Paulo, Brasil. 2013
  • Revista AVA Gallery Magazine NY – 2013
  • Espaço Entrecores – Colective – São Paulo, Brasil. 2013
  • AVA Magazine Gallery London – 2013.
  • Brick Lane Galery – Colective Art in Mind – London – UK. 2012
  • Art Fair Paris - Collective exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris – France. 2012
  • “Coffee in Tropical Colours” – Kulttuurikeskus Poleeni”, AVA Gallery, Pieksamaki, Finland. 2011
  • Virtual Art Exhibition 2011 - Galeria Ana pyrrole. São Paulo – SP – Brasil. 2011
  • “MAIL ART Erotic”, Gallery "El Taller de Zénon"- Sevilla - Espanha. 2011
  • MAIL ART IN THE WORLD”, mail art , Sinnai – Italy. 2010
  • Me, Pinocchio and my memories“. Pizzeria Bar Villa dal Borgo, Palaia (PI) – Italy. 2010
  • My red number"- Romania, “Medieval House Gallery” – Craiova, Romania. 2010.
  • Mokiti Okada Foundation , São Paulo – SP – Brasil. 1998
  • Universidade Anhembi Morumbi , São Paulo – SP – Brasil. 1997
  • Academy of Arts and Letters of Jundiaí, São Paulo – SP – Brasil. 1987

Pintura Lembranças de Carolina Saidenberg

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