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Carrousel Du Louvre - Artcom Expo. Disclosure.

Carrousel Du Louvre - Artcom Expo by Rosangela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Over wetlands, the dewy valleys,
Above the sea ether and, over the woods and the mountain.
And far beyond the sun, beyond the horizon,
Beyond the confines of the starry ceilings.
my spirit, going with all speed.
As a good swimmer delighted in wave,
happily Sulcas round immensity,
Driven by unspeakable voluptuousness.
(BAUDELAIRE, 2006, p.18)

They say that the soul wanders through Art; They say it is carried unusual worlds, returns to the ground and recomposes. It is quite possible that it will take the spirit of the artist when he walks by his incognito universes and they turns. You can also carry the viewer along these paths and wander these pleasures. It is the work that the artist is expressed and it is possible that the soul of the viewer also wander. Believe this possibility is to believe a little more in the dream, the human soul and incantations originated from it.

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Believe in art as a source of knowledge is watch these worlds that visits the artist and they freely roam, It is understand them, without even trying to decipher them. But maybe that would not be possible if that same art was not taken and shared, the paths where it is most appreciated.

Main Art stronghold, o Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris is one of the world's largest art events. There pass works, artists, curators, collectors and critics. And Artcom Expo is leading artists of the world to this great exhibition. The rigorous selection of artists, It resulted in an excellent professional and impeccably curated group.

Artists from Brazil – Adaljiza Cuan, Adrian Aislan, Angela Tables, golden Radloff, Ceres Panicucci, Caroline Zanotelli Jorge, Daine Mari Chibiaqui, Dina Garcia, Duart’s Silvio, Elenice Capistrano Dalpiaz, Eufrázia Fregonesi, Fatima Marostegan, Floida Moura Batista, Gilson Ferreira da Silva, With Helio, Inhelora Kretzschmar Joenk, Izabel Cristina Barbosa, Jociane Novais Nunes, Jussara Stein, Krys Potter, Maria Daniel Leiva, Leticia Faria, Lycian Simoneti, Mariângela Peixoto Rettore, Marisa Romeo Escolano, Maristela Giassi, Marly M.Maiochi Fernandes, Miriam Leonel, Nadia Maria Lemos da Silva, Nane Ropelato, Nerci Martins, Neusa Fraga Pithan, Noemia Lemos Pires, Patty Magalhães, paty Wolff, Pedro Reis, Renata Chagas, Rosa Silva, Sarah Dhy, Sérgio Gomes, Terezinha Ribeiro and Tina Malfatti. Artists from Norway: Inger Margrethe Eriksen e Baronesa Jiselda Salbu. Artists of Portugal: Aquilino Ferreira, sweet Menezes, hope Matos, José Baptista, Rosa Maria Coelho and Tina Silva. Artists from Italy: Alberto Mesiano, Milena Quercioli and Miriam Goods. Artists from France: Anne-Sophie Le Mashines e Silvana Belizario. Artists of Belgium: Bruno Fernandes, Fabiana Rhostz and Morgana Alice Cardoso Gonçalves. UK artists: Daiane Medeiros and Graciella Harger. Artists from Angola: Marcia Dias Ferreira Reis and Zelia. E ainda Georgio Gjergj Kola, from Albania, Monica Vega, Spain and Paula Alarcon Salazar, of Chile.

The exhibition will take place from 19 to 21 October 2018 G16 and G17 in the stands opening will day 19 October, the 7:0 pm to 10:0 pm, will also be released when the book of the Arts Artcom Expo.


BAUDELAIRE, Charles. As Flores do Mal. São Paulo: Ed. Martin Claret, 2006.


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