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House Museum Ema Klabin has more than 1500 works of great masters world. Photo: Henry Light.
House Museum Ema Klabin has more than 1500 works of great masters world. Photo: Henry Light.

House Museum Ema Klabin has news in quarantine

House Museum presents a rich cultural program that goes from the distance a virtual tour of the museum works, exhibitions, youtube channel at concerts, to free access to publications, including an unpublished notebook with Ema Revenue Klabin.

In this age of social distancing, to reduce the spread of coronavirus, museums and cultural centers are closed. But the House Museum Ema Klabin, in Jardim Europa, in São Paulo, continues its virtual cultural program for the project #CasaMuseuEmCasa.

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They are available at www.emaklabin.org.br a series of actions to bring information online, Culture, reflection and fun to the public.

According to the curator of the Museum House, the architect Paulo Costa, the site will feature virtual exhibitions, educational games, concertos no canal do Youtube, podcasts, among others.

"These actions include both content covered in previous years, as new material being produced in this isolation period, within the thematic 2020 "Other Narratives", explains the curator.

Just to give you an idea, it is possible to Virtual tours to know the House-Museum, no Google Arts & Culture no link: artsandculture.google.com/partner/fundacao-ema-klabin. Or through the digital tool Explore, the museum site: emaklabin.org.br/explore

Revenue notebook Ema Klabin:

And who is at home thinking about doing something special for lunch, you can try one of the recipes from acclaimed Ema Klabin notebook. It's just the place to download the unprecedented publication "Emma Recipes notebook of Klabin". The publication was created from research, meetings, courses and lectures on gastronomy, that happened in idealized House Museum by Janka Babenco.

Among the recipes, São Paulo cooking dishes such as meat dries tack-, French cuisine as the Supreme of Chicken Kiev and also of Jewish cooking as pate eggs.

Virtual exhibition European Porcelain Collection Ema Klabin.

In addition to cooking, you can virtually visit the European Porcelain Exhibition of the Ema Klabin Collection. The virtual exhibition features a selection of 39 parts of manufactures of Sèvres, Berlin, Vienna, Meissen, Limoges, Coalport, among others, and seeks to narrate the fascinating history of European porcelain. Many of these porcelains were part of the dinners organized by Ema klabin, with the presence of distinguished figures of culture and Brazilian society as the conductor João Carlos Martins. The public can also download the catalog of this exhibition for free.


You can still enjoy the Online Exposure: "Fragments" which looks back at the Backdrop Graphite series. To download the volume a Magazine notebooks House Museum with the theme "Women and their Knowledge", and publications: "The House of Portugal Street" (2014) which tells the story of the Jardim Europa neighborhood and the construction of Ema House Klabin. And the book "A Ema Klabin collection", which marks the tenth anniversary of the institution.

To not miss anything, you can follow the program on the website and social media's House Museum Ema Klabin (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).

Let's take a little housewife Ema Klabin to you.

Service: #CasaMuseuEmCasa
They are now available:
Tour virtual (Museum View do Google Arts & Culture): artsandculture.google.com/partner/fundacao-ema-klabin.
Online exhibition: "Fragments" (Retrospective of Backdrop Graphite series), and "European Porcelain Collection in the Ema Klabin"
Publications - "The House of Portugal Street" (2014); "Emma Recipes notebook of Klabin" (2016), and "A Ema Klabin Collection" and "European Porcelain" (2018)
Magazine notebooks House Museum volume 1, Women and their Knowledge (2019)
Musical Afternoons series of presentations (YouTube)
Explore! – online collection
WebSite: emaklabin.org.br
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UC9FBIZFjSOlRviuz_Dy1i2w
Facebok: www.facebook.com/fundacaoemaklabin
Instagram: @emaklabin


About House Museum Ema Klabin:

Former residence of the collector and patron Ema Klabin (25/01/1907 – 27/01 /1994), the house was converted into a cultural space with a collection covering more than three thousand years of art history.

Every room in the house inspired by the Palace of Sanssouci (Germany), and designed by Alfredo Ernesto Becker in the mid 50, the visitor is faced with works of great masters of art. Just to give you an idea, the music room there are two works by Marc Chagall: no Country (in the countryside – France- 1925) and Groom With Sleigh and Red Rooster (France, 1957). In the guest room the Tarsila do Amaral frame "Rio de Janeiro" (Brasil, 1923); in the dining room works of Mestre Valentim (Brasil, 21st century. XIX). In the main room a Cândido Portinari frame, Roosters (Brasil, 1940) and a Di Cavalcanti, Female Portrait (Brazil - 1955). In the gallery two paintings by Frans Post: View of Olinda, (Holland, 1650) and Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian (Holland, 21st century. XVII). His garden was designed by landscape artist Burle Marx. The House Museum is located at Rua Portugal, nº 43, in Jardim Europa, in São Paulo.

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