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Casa NFT holds a temporary exhibition at Shopping Cidade São Paulo

Supported by SYN Prop & Tech, show show more than 100 works of 70 artists. Admission is free

Until the day 11 of december, Shopping Cidade São Paulo receives the exhibition “Between physical and digital”, that explores the countless possibilities of applications of digital archives, mainly impressions fine art originals.

The idea for the project came up last year., when a group of artists, muralists and graffiti artists met for three months to paint a mansion of 2.400 square meters in the Morumbi neighborhood. The project, titled House NFT, turned the space into a large art gallery with a date to be destroyed.

Before the mansion was demolished, all works were digitized and transformed into digital files for the generation of cryptoarts using NFTs – more than 6 terabytes of digital archive, carefully analyzed by entrepreneurs Alexandre Travassos and Rodrigo Loli, Muzer partners.

Now supported by SYN PROP & TECH, company recognized for its portfolio in the corporate and shopping center segments, the exhibition, who has already worked at Funarte SP, gets a special space in the mall located on Avenida Paulista.

Works by important names in street art, like MIA, Mari Pavanelli, EDMX, Mazzola, Laura Rice, Caps, Mes3, They could, among others, will be exposed to the public with free admission..

for the creators, Casa NFT is a project dedicated to promoting debate on the use of new technologies that can support the artistic process. “Creating and digitizing opens up endless digital possibilities from something that was physically static.. Casa NFT emerged from the study of the impact of NFTs in relation to the right of ownership of artistic works; from images, songs, Photos. I realized that there was a high offer of digitally produced visual arts, but I didn't see anyone produce physical art to be digitized. So I thought it would be interesting to produce a physical art to be digitally destroyed and eternalized”, explains Travassos.

The show will also feature art workshops and panels with Lives about the art market and blockchain universe.

NFT House Artists | casanft.art
But Codonho, Amazon, Andre Mogle, Anna Silveira, Anne Galante, Assis, Barbara Goy, Betto Damasceno, Binho Ribeiro, Cards, Carmão, Ceará, celium, boy fonseca, Clara Leff, Bullfinch, Dexuave, Dino, Dom Graffiti, dudadir, ectoplasm, EDMX, I see you, Evol, Fabiano Apce, Feik Frasao, Feion, Ferdinand RV, Drop.a, Hannah Nader, Go, IMAGE, Jah no control, Jimmy, Lady Brown, Lari Umeri, Laura Rice, Leandro Cinico, M.I.A, Mariana Pavanelli, Mazola Marcnou, Mes3, Micah, Mura, Not Viptk, Obrene, Oxil, Pack Toledo, Paul Bruno, Pests VN, Quino, Racial, Rene Muniz, RHAY, Rodrigo Queiroga, Rotka, Snek, Sol1, Suzue, TEF Cobalt, Urban Web, Vinicius Caps, Vinicius Meio, Vismoart, Vitones, William Pimentel, xGuix, Bob Fonseca.

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About Shopping Cidade São Paulo
Opened in April 2015, the Shopping City Sao Paulo brings together important retail brands with the best in shopping, leisure and gastronomy, located in the important cultural axis of the capital, Avenida Paulista. Parte da SYN (ex-CCP – Cyrela Commercial Properties S.A), Cidade São Paulo has more than 150 shops, and multiple and convenient forms of customer service and sales, as own e-commerce platform (OnStores) and Personal Shopper by WhatsApp. It also has a garden 2,4 thousand m² with urban furniture and seedlings from the Atlantic Forest, which is a popular meeting place for young people, executives and tourists from the region.

About SYN Prop and Tech
A SYN Prop e Tech is one of the leaders in the commercial real estate segment in the country. Created in 2007 from a spin-off of Cyrela Brazil Realty, the company became recognized for its experience in the management of shopping malls and commercial buildings. Currently, SYN manages 6 shoppings centers e 11 corporate buildings.


Exhibition Between physical and digital
Address: Shopping City Sao Paulo, 1º piso – Off. Paulista, 1230 (Beautiful View, SP)
Period: from 10 November to 11 th December 2022
Timetables: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm; Sundays and holidays, the 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Free entrance.

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