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Couple Lorenzi, Colosseum, Rome. Photo: Disclosure.

Couple Lorenzi-Life in motion

Casal Lorenzi, Barcelona, Espanha. Foto: Divulgação.

Couple Lorenzi, Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Disclosure.

Many people dream of having a life with more adventure, or even just drop everything and go around the world. You may find that it is only for those who have a lot of money, but in reality it takes courage, determination and planning.

The couple Gabriel and Livia Lorenzi, they were able to realize the dream of traveling the world, and were even further, became one of the biggest internet references, giving tips and the best scripts, through the Group Tips. Both had a promising career in the corporate market, but they decided to give up everything to have a life and with good stories in the future.

Gabriel Lorenzi is formed in advertising, and was at one point promising the function of Digital Marketing, but the dreams and the desire to have his own business that would make a life with more freedom and quality, never left the plans. About 07 years the couple traveled to Miami and Orlando, and when they came back to Brazil made a blog (www.dicasdaflorida.com.br) to help the Brazilians plan their trips.

Casal Lorenzi, Santorini, Grécia. Foto: Divulgação.

Couple Lorenzi, Santorini, Greece. Photo: Disclosure.

With a great success and amazing growth, Gabriel used his expertise in Digital Marketing and efficient because the page, transformed it into a big deal. In a short time the site has achieved amazing numbers of access, Today spend the $ 5 million per year. In a short period came new trips and with them new tips and created the Las Vegas tips, New York City tips, Barcelona Tips, Paris Tips, Tip of London and the Lisbon tips, that today are the main sites of the group Tips, that form one of the largest groups of travel sites of Brazil.

Livia Lorenzi left a large cosmetics company, where was Clinical Researcher, and decided to embark once in new business alongside her husband.

Quit your job was a difficult decision, but when I felt the confidence that I needed and had a solid business in the hands, I didn't think twice about risking everything and move forward in this new journey. It took a lot of courage, years of dedication and nights of lost sleep, but it was worth every effort. "

The numbers really show the Group's success Tips. Currently are already 10 travel sites, that add up to an average of 1,5 million pages visited per month. Not to mention the numerous trips of the couple that add up in United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Italy, France, Amsterdã, Portugal, Greece, Chile among others.

Check out the video with some records of the couple by the world:

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