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#CasaMuseuEmCasa brings activities for children and lots of music

Through African art objects, furniture and furniture from Ema Klabin's collection, children will learn about art and mythology and have a lot of fun. Music lovers can't miss the amazing shows on the YouTube Channel

The House-Museum Ema Klabin, in Jardim Europa, in São Paulo, continues its virtual cultural program through the #CasaMuseuEmCasa project. In April, through the museum's social networks, the public will be able to listen to good music and the kids will learn a little more about art and mythology with incredible games and activities.

Will be videos, audios, texts and lots of interaction. Just access and enjoy the museum's social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter e YouTube).

You know what the Sculpture above was for? What country is she from, when was it used? In the Game Material Culture, the children, from a work or furniture from the Collection by Ema Klabin, will try to find out everything about her. The first challenge is already on social media and is about an African work of art, the Ashanti Sculpture that is now on display in Ema Klabin's room. From day 15 April there will be new challenges on furniture, Asian culture, among others.

Children will also learn more about myths, folk tales and stories that hide behind the details of pieces from the Ema Klabin Collection (Collection Mythologies). In April, African culture audios will be available – a tale from the Ashanti Culture, from the country of Ghana. And after Asian culture – the story “Tanabata Matsuri - Festival of the Stars”. Very well known in São Paulo, through the Festival of the same name that takes place every year in the neighborhood of Liberdade. After listening to the audios, the public will be invited to make an illustration about the history and take a photo that will be shared on the Casa-Museu social networks. Just tag the photo with #CasaMuseuEmCasa or send to email educativo@emaklabin.org.br.

Another activity that will attract the attention of the little ones and also the dads is The Work at Home. The proposal is to present a work from the collection of Ema Klabin that is not on display in the museum and belongs to the technical reserve, and invite the public to reflect on it, stimulating visual perception and the discovery of new meanings.

And who already wants to prepare for the journey, a hint: you can know in advance the works of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin. You just have to do virtual visits in Google Arts & Culture no link: artsandculture.google.com/partner/fundacao-ema-klabin. Or through the digital tool Explore, the museum site: emaklabin.org.br/explore

According to the coordinator of the education sector, Cristiane Alves, the aim of the activities is for children to become increasingly interested in art, history and mythology.

Various texts from the educational sector and courses will also be available on the blog of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin website.. The cultural program of the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin in 2020 focuses on the theme “Other Narratives”.

Come with good music:

During quarantine, the Casa-Museu Ema Klabin takes the traditional program Musical Afternoons home via the YouTube channel. It is the opportunity to listen to good music without leaving home.

Every Saturday you will be able to check out videos of complete concerts of musical groups that performed through the Program. In the month of April you can enjoy the sound of Josi Lopes (already available), from the Tarabjazz quartet (day 18), Anette Camargo Trio (day 25) and with the video of the debut show of the album by singer Ana Flor de Carvalho (2/05).

But don't think that's all. Every Tuesday and Thursday in April, always at 17 hours, you can check out an unprecedented song from the show Adoniran in Partitura by Conjunto João Rubinato. In the form of an old-fashioned radio program, the João Rubinato group presents new songs by Adoniran Barbosa, recorded on the disk-book Adoniran in Partitura. In addition to the traditional songs of this music master. Classics like: Arnesto Samba (day 14/04), Chair Tea (16/04), Two Hours of Dawn (21/04), Looking at moon (23/04), among others.

House Museum Ema Klabin: #CasaMuseuEmCasa
Material Culture Game – (African Collection – already available on social networks) and 16/04 (asian collection)
Collection Mythologies: Take a picture of your illustration, check #CasaMuseuEmCasa or send to e-mail educativo@emaklabin.org.br cwith the Subject History of Stories.
The Work at Home - Online mediation
Texts on the website (blog): “Weaving New Narratives”, "Educational Actions on Furniture - History of Comfort", "House-Museum"
Complete shows: Saturdays – Josi Lopes (already available), Tarabjazz (day 18/04), Anette Camargo Trio (25/04) and Ana Flor de Carvalho (2/05).
Unpublished songs from the show Adoniran in the João Rubinato Music Score: Every Tuesday and Thursday in April, always at 17 hours
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