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Altarpieces altars at Memorial. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Cathedral is Theme of Exhibit in Curitiba Memorial

Curitiba's Memorial receives, from 18h Tuesday (05/6), the exhibition "The Cathedral and the Square, a tour of the history and architecture of Curitiba ". The show, installed in Parana Hall, has about 130 and images 11 models of buildings surrounding the Praça Tiradentes made by students of the Federal University of Technology-Paraná (UTFPR). The exhibition is free classification and admission is free.

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“It is an important exhibition because the main theme is the cathedral itself, an architectural and religious icon of the city that took 17 years to build, until its opening in 1893”, account Aparecida Bahls, project coordinator and researcher at the House of Memory, unit of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

Through a documentary collection and significant iconographic, in the show are covered the period of construction of the temple, their reforms and subsequent restorations, in addition to the uses for the population of the relevant city space. According to the researcher involved the construction workers from free blacks and slaves, immigrants and several master builders.

The exhibition also has the collaboration of architect and professor at the Technological University of Paraná, Giceli Portela, who coordinated the restoration of the Cathedral 2010 to 2012, and its students of Architecture and Urbanism course, based on studies of the properties surrounding the Tiradentes, developed models on them, rich in detail and information.

Visitors to the show can also enjoy seeing, on the first floor of the Memorial, the permanent exhibition of altarpieces altars of the old Matrix, carved in polychrome wood of the century 18, in which Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass when he was in Curitiba, and two scrolls and two tabernacles. this space, called Chapel of the Founders, also displays the artist paintings Sergio Ferro, where they realize expressive images of the story Curitiba, since the presence of Portuguese, Indians, mamelucos, drovers and European immigrants.

A Cathedral

About to turn one hundred twenty-five years, The Cathedral is an iconic work for Curitiba. Place of devotion and faith under the auspices of Our Lady of Luz dos Pinhais, its monumental neo-Gothic architectural lines stand out in the Tiradentes Square. Built in the second half of the century 19 to be the new Matrix, she helped to spread a sense of modernity among the inhabitants of the capital, synonymous with progressive ideals in vogue in major Brazilian cities of the time.

Inaugurated in 7 September 1893, the site began to gather the population during religious ceremonies. Already as Cathedral, it took possession of the first bishop of the Diocese of Curitiba, Dom José de Camargo Barros. When the Archdiocese creation in 1926, He received the title of Metropolitan Cathedral of Curitiba. Built in attachment to address religious, the presbytery was opened in 1948.

Marco's architectural heritage, religious and cultural city, Cathedral, in 1993, year of its centenary, It was elevated to Minor Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of Light of Curitiba Pinhais. Currently, It is considered Special Unit of Interest Town Preservation - UIEP.

Exhibition “The Cathedral and the Square, a tour of the history and architecture of Curitiba”
Opening: 05 of June, at 18h
Local: Curitiba – Paraná Hall Memorial (second floor), Rua Claudino dos Santos, 79
Visitation: 9h to 12:00 and 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm (3the Friday) and 9:00 to 3:00 pm (Saturday, Sunday and holiday)
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