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Wind-based Orchestra of Curitiba. Photo: Marcos Sushil.

Wind-based Orchestra writes songs of Guinga in the chapel Santa Maria

The wind-based Orchestra of Curitiba will have the singer Shreya Padovani as guest of Sao Paulo show "Passarinhadeira", This Friday and Saturday (28 and 29), in the chapel Santa Maria. With repertoire entirely dedicated to the songs of composer Guinga, Mrs ...

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We Display, Work of Student Beatriz de Souza, of Solar Light boys (featured). Photo: Disclosure.

We display is the result of the art of children and young people from poor communities in Rio

Works of students of the Solar Light boys NGO were inspired by the shows in front of the Unknown: Between the Other 4 of August and 9 September, Solar Art Gallery free promote the exhibition We, produced by ...

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Osvaldo Gaia, Jaw, 2017 (Madeira, acetate, pendulum, line and blanket). Photo: Disclosure.

National Museum of the Republic receives Itinerant Sculptures Festival organized by carioca

The Itinerant Sculptures Festival follows in poster, with free admission, until day 27 August, at the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasília, with the participation of 24 artists from different States of Brazil and international. A partir dos ...

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Collection of sacred art is featured at auction in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure.

Collection of sacred art is featured at auction in São Paulo

Auction in São Paulo will have collection of Maria Antonia Marinho, da Casa do Alto da Boa Vista na cidade do Rio de Janeiro e outros comitentes Com grande coleção de móveis, sacred images, Silver, crockery Cla Indias, paintings ...

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Carnival-School Youth Blue. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Curitiba Cultural Foundation launches public notice and anticipates funding in support of samba schools

The Cultural Foundation of Curitiba launches this Friday (28) the announcement of the Carnival 2018, anticipating the release of financial resources for the samba schools, Carnival blocks and demonstrations of Curitiba pré-carnaval. The announcement of the Municipal Culture Fund, on the value ...

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Stela Aguilar and mark Wilke (featured). Photo: Disclosure.

“The difference is in every glance”

Artists featured in the portfolio of Urban Arts, Stela Aguilar and mark Wilke expose in the Gallery of Ponteio. Two miners and a distinctive look about the world, Stela Aguilar and mark Wilke are artists in the Urban Arts highlights ...

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Troféu HQ Mix 2017, Captain Crow. Disclosure.

Curitibanos designers nominated for "Oscar of comics"

Designers and curitibanas are among the publications indicated the HQ Mix Trophy 2017, National Award, considered the "Oscars of comics". The relationship was disclosed yesterday (Monday) and Curitiba received nominations in several categories. All candidates have connection with the ...

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Cows in the pasture of Eugène Louis Boudin. Photo: Disclosure.

Pride of the MNBA, Collection Eugène Boudin is exposed

The collection of 20 paintings of Louis Eugène Boudin (1824 – 1898) belonging to the National Museum of fine arts is the largest public institution outside of France. Its importance to art history's seminal: Boudin is considered ...

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"Communion", HQ with Felipe Folgosi roadmap. Disclosure.

Felipe Folgosi launches "Communion", your new Graphic Novel

ArtWork, with story of suspense and psychological horror, has release the day 25 July at Livraria Cultura of the National Assembly, in São Paulo at the end of July, arrives at bookstores and newsstands "Communion", HQ with Felipe Folgosi roadmap. ...

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Conservatory of MUSIC. Photo Credit: Doreen Marques.

MPB Conservatory reopens registration for remaining vacancies

The Popular Brazilian music Conservatory reopens only in days 25 and 26 July registration for remaining vacancies for 21 regular courses of half-yearly periodicity, between instruments, theoretical and practical disciplines of set. There are vacancies for the ...

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