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'Silence' show, of the Arcenic Core of Creations. Photo: Guilherme Di Curzio.

Arcênico Nucleus of Creations discusses the emptiness of human relationships in the virtual show ‘Silence’

Assembly revisits the origins of the Rio-Pretense collective, that was born from the meeting of graduates of Performing Arts at the University of Londrina. Premiere has exhibitions days 24, 25 and 26 de novembro Com quase uma década de trajetória no cenário ...

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Evento CAWS. Disclosure.

CAWS Magazine promotes Independent Artists with Event Production

With CAW productions and support from CAWS Magazine, the event will be presented directly from São Gonçalo / RJ o MT do Terminal, Gabriel Caslu and DJ Clayton's participation, Além de um super Ensaio Aberto do Grupo ...

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NEW LIFE S.A. Photo: Disclosure.

NEW LIFE S.A., by André Carvalheira, will have preview at Cine Drive-in

The feature film uses surrealism to portray how real estate speculation potentiates social inequalities A new residential condominium in Brasilia promises to rescue the ideals of a new society that will serve as the basis for a re-foundation of the capital. However, to ...

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Performer Uýra. Photo: Ricardo Oliveira.

VIII Journey of Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations of the Art Museum of Rio begins on the day 23 November

teachers, educators and researchers will exchange experiences and reflections on how art and culture can contribute to the construction of an anti-racist education and society, inclusive, plural and democratic The Museum of Art of Rio – MAR, sob ...

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Photo from the film “Bombardier Blood”. Photo: Disclosure.

Last week to enjoy the Festival Raridades, free online event with cinema, rare disease music and arts

With 36 attractions in 25 day event, ABRAF closes in 25 November the first edition of the festival that sensitizes the public about the rare diseases that affect about 13 milhões de brasileiros A ABRAF – Associação ...

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I Am Project - Photo of the exhibition with Ágatha Cabral. Photo: Milena Aurea.

Exhibition by photographer Milena Aurea reveals the female body beyond the stigmas imposed by macho society

‘Eu Sou Project’, which brings together essays on artistic nudity, will be officially launched next Monday, 23, em live no Instagram da fotógrafa de São José do Rio Preto Refletir sobre a existência feminina a partir da diversidade de corpos que ...

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Teresa Cristina, DVD 2019, Theatro Net Rio, featured. Photo: @MarcosHermes.

Teresa Cristina takes her ‘live’ for Instagram of Canal Futura, on Black Awareness Day

This Friday, day 20, singer makes artistic occupation with repertoire dedicated to black culture Date will also be marked by 24 hours of special programming on Canal screens, including the debut of two new series, que trazem episódio sobre genocídio ...

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Clari. Photo: Maxime Lavigne.

Trio of winners in the Rio de Janeiro semifinal stage of the 13th edition of the Aliança Francesa Song Festival 2020

The first place went to the singer Clari, who performed the song “Voyage Voyage”, recorded by the French Desireless. She participates in the final with the winners of the regional stage, on 26 November, de forma virtual e concorre a ...

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Exhibition “Sonho de Pescador”, the Gallery Alma Street, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

With several murals outside, Cadumen paints his first building in Brazil and exhibits at Galeria Alma da Rua

Urban artist and Brazilian illustrator, opens exhibition at Alma da Rua gallery and participates in the M.A.R project with gable in the largest urban center in Latin America Born in rural Paraná, Cláudio Carlos Mendonça, o Cadumen, sentiu o contraste da ...

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Book "Latin America 2051" by Luís Cláudio S. Pear. Disclosure.

“Latin America 2051” enters campaign in Catarse

Set in a dystopian future, livro de autor nacional precisa do seu apoio para ser lançado O escritor Luís Cláudio S. Pereira abriu um financiamento coletivo no Catarse para publicar “América Latina 2051”. The science fiction book, que também se qualifica dentro ...

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