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Celebrities dress up the art of graffiti artist TOZ

Treading the Well with Child Health

In partnership with the graffiti artist Toz, the NGO promotes the sale of t-shirts with his unique art, online challenges and a trail in the morro da Urca

To celebrate their 26 years, the Child Health Association performs the campaign Trailing the Well in partnership with the artist and graffiti artist TOZ (Tomaz Viana). He created an art unique to imprint the t-shirt, that can be purchased in the online shop of Child Health: https://loja.saudecrianca.org.br. The campaign will still have challenges with rewards for those who actively participate.

The first challenge is to promote the campaign by using the hashtag #TrilhandoOBem or send to vania@saudecrianca.org.br We shall publish in hotsite http://hotsite.saudecrianca.org.br. Whoever has the highest number of publications, win a t-shirt signed by TOZ.

The other challenge aims to raise and donate as many cans of powdered milk to the Child Health. And the winner will have the opportunity to visit the workshop of the Toz and take a picture with him.

To mark the anniversary of the Child Health, It's day 25 October, will be held on Sunday, day 29 October 2017, to 9:30h, a trail in the Urca Hill with the presence of the TOZ. The participation on the track will only be possible with the purchase of the t-shirt.

About Toz:

Tomaz Viana, better known as Toz, was born in Salvador, in 1976. Forming in Design, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

Toz began to gain fame in the early 2000 When he started to spread their creations by the walls of the Botanical Garden, da Gávea, Morro da Providência and trains circulating by the North Zone.

Passionate about comic books, manga and symbols of religious universe of your home State, He created a particular set of characters that consists of the little girl Nina, inspired by your niece, the friendly Schimu. Since 2009, Toz comes treading the harvest of the formal market of art and have your production marketed in a gallery of Copacabana. In the period, the value of his creations went from 500 to 70 000 real.

The work of Toz, formalized basically from the painting, is thought on screens that depict different times of your life, writing a story inspired by the daily life. Transitions between materials such as oil paint and spray, both on the streets and in the galleries, having as its main theme the creation of autobiographical characters.

Is engaged in social-oriented projects focusing on children and adolescents and believes the fact that he even didn't have identified with traditional idols, can be a fact common to many young.

Child Health Association

There are 26 years, the Child Health Association promotes social transformation of families, living in extreme poverty, through innovative multi-disciplinary methodology.

In addition to direct assistance to families, the Child Health disseminates this knowledge and practice for public and private institutions and stimulate social mobilization.

The Child Health Association was voted the most influential NGOS from Latin America and 19th in the world, According to the ranking made by the NGO Advisor to consider three essential criteria: impact, innovation and sustainability.


29/10 – Sunday – Making good in the Morro da Urca with TOZ
Time: 9:30h

Entrance: by purchasing a t-shirt, previously the site http://hotsite.saudecrianca.org.br/ or on the same day.

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