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Cultural Centre and reading Wladmir Kozák. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Centro Cultural Casa Kozák starts new programming

The sunny morning this Saturday (28), was inviting for children participate in the storytelling of the Cultural Centre Casa Kozák. The airport Jennifer Hau took your son, Henry Pizza, eight years, to enjoy the new programming of the House Kozák. For Jennifer, the new proposal will be important for his son to meet new authors. "We really liked the story of history and to know that we have more a Reading next to our House, here in the region ", said.

The airport said the new programming will be a stimulus for his son to meet new authors. "It is an incentive, because on stage where he is, He looks a kind of literature. It is important to him to discover other stories, other authors to take advantage of ", explained. A fan of the book series "diary of a Wimpy Kid", Henrique, that was in the House for the first time, was fascinated with the story that had just heard. "I found the story-cool. I like to read and I want to come back more often ", said.

"In addition to the actions related to reading and literature, We also hold workshops and other works with other artistic languages. Will have guitar lessons and painting. Let's expand the actions in relation to other artistic languages to better serve the community. We have the support of the Curitiba team Reads to develop actions in the House ", explained the Manager of Reading, Patricia Wohlke.

The new lineup began this Friday and the Cultural Centre already has a closed schedule of actions. The guitar and painting courses in screen will be once a week from the first week of November in like manner as they occur in the streets of citizenship.

According to the Coordinator of the Cultural Centre Casa Kozák, Gisele Jakemiv, the incorporation of space as a Reading came to add to the community. "It was a request of the schools and the community itself. A space where it wasn't just culture, but for leisure. Where they could spend a little time. Many children who stay at home and do nothing, now they're going to have this space ", said.

Reopening ceremony -In the morning this Friday (27), was held the ceremony of reactivation of House Kozák. In the event, the Deputy Mayor of Curitiba, Eduardo Pimentel, representing the mayor who was on trip to Sao Paulo, the affection of the Mayor Rafael Greca by culture and the integrated work of the secretariats. "I want to make a special thank you to Maria Silvia and Cattani, because this partnership between culture and education has brought benefits to Curitiba. And here is another public space that this partnership will work and work very well. Success in this new venture in Home Kozák!”,said Deputy Mayor.

The ceremony, mediated by the Secretary and President of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Marcelo Cattani, with the participation of the Secretary of education, Maria Silvia Bacila Winkeler, the Director of the Museum of Paraná, Renato Carneiro, the Mayor of Curitiba, Serginho of Post, the Councillor and the Director of Wirbinski Helium cultural action of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Beto Lanza. Also present were the Regional Administrator Cajuru, Márcio Nanor and Regional Administrator Boqueirão, Ricardo Dias. The servant retired from the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Florencia of Ramos, known as Flower, and who worked in the House by 19 years, received greetings from the present.

A Casa Kozak – The space, located in Uberaba, where lived the Czech documentarian Vladimir Kozák, It was reopened this Friday (27) as home of reading and Cultural Center. From now on, the unit will offer activities of Curitiba Reads, free courses in the areas of Visual Arts (painting on canvas) and music (violão). Soon, It will offer courses in theatre and illustration. To inaugurate this new phase, the House of reading won new furniture and a visual communication design suitable for your operation. Read Vladimir Kozak's House works of 9:00 at 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Programming the Cultural Centre Casa Kozák:


Loans of books – Collection specializing in literature and arts – Storytelling and literary mediation for children, Youth and adults – Free courses of Visual Arts, music and theatre – Lectures and meetings:

14h to 5:00 pm-Craft classes in felt

7 November (Tuesday)
10h and 3:00 pm – Wheel of reading and storytelling. With Tati Phauloz

9 November (Thursday)
15h – Storytelling-PALAVRAMUNDO go to CHINA we will travel to China, know your customs, traditions, places… Comes, Let's open a book that begins the trip by Chinese folk tales. With Sueelem Witsmiszyn
Rating: Free

13 November (Monday)
14h – Creative writing workshop bring your idea to turn into history. With Tarjavirmakari
Rating: from 10 years
vacancies: 20

14 and 21 November (Tuesday)
14h-stories of a REAL-TIME Princes, Queens, Marquesas and Sultans… Nobles always appear in the enchanted stories and tales. So that now, will this royalty all has something to do with the reality? Let's have fun talking about it and discovering several characters and plotlines amazing right now of reading and storytelling! Ali Freyer
Rating: Suitable for all ages

28 and 30 November;
4, 12 and 14 of december
10h e 15h – Wheel of reading and storytelling, morning and afternoon. With Tati Phauloz Classification: Suitable for all ages


Painting on Canvas
4th fair – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
$ 55

5St fair – 15h, 16h and 5:00 pm
$ 55


8 of december (Friday)
20h – Children's Choir (CIS Maria Cazetta) and Band of the military police of Paraná

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