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Fabiano de Abreu, featured. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Media Agency CEO opens up about how to achieve the dream verification seal Instagram

A MF Global Press, media relations and social media company with headquarters in Brazil, US and Portugal, It is an international company that most filed check label claims on Instagram, accounting for more than 500 requests.

The CEO of the company, journalist and entrepreneur Fabiano de Abreu, He opened up about how this procedure and gave tips of care should be taken not to fall in the famous blow of those who claim to work with verification of Instagram, Facebook company.

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“We are not Facebook, also there is no company that responds by Facebook. A large company like Facebook will not close partnerships with any company putting your name at risk if you have problems, it is obvious. So if someone says he works in or with Facebook, or have some link, wary. Also do not pay any professional claiming to get you the seal before you get it, or it may happen you do not have the seal and even more for your money. There are countless cases like this ".

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“The verification stamp is nothing more than the: ‘celebrity confirmation’. Confirmation that you are a celebrity in your niche, in their midst, a public person. To request Seal, one needs arguments to show to Facebook that you are really a person able to acquire the seal. The number of followers does not matter. We have witnessed cases of people with 5 thousand followers being approved to seal. The best strategy for attempting seal is to press articles, proving that you are a public person or social relevance. I am not aware of another plausible argument to seal. To join the documents, the exams, and articles in the press, we have to argue that the person is in fact a famous person and the seal protects it from hackers and decorates, to confirm that the person is who he claims to be ".




Instagram: instagram.com/assessorfabianodeabreu

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SOURCE: MF Global Press

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