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Caesar Potério

César Potério é Artista Plástico.

Caesar's Potério Artist.

Caesar Potério

Before and On the screens

Born in the coast of São Paulo, mid 1959, Caesar Potério grew up leaving roots in places other than Brazil. Still or so even, today, feel yourself a real Paulistano, having lived most of his life in the city, who loves.

Here, He became an engineer and followed the life until, in 1997, was affected by the desire to paint.

Bought screens, paints, brushes and entertained themselves with colors.

Liked. Very much, reportedly.

Self-taught-using, tenacity made in engineering (although, deny) – He was studying techniques and styles until, from 2013 to 2015, improved Technique and design, in formal courses.

Today he is "Visual Arts", Top level and, at the same time enhances technique with the teacher Galesso.

Prioritizes figurative and abstract works, with spatulate paintings on canvas, where, time for another, I'm surprised if experimenting with possibilities of additional materials, as the gypsum and coal.

The painting proved their passion and joy. This, only supplanted by reward to find the understanding that comes from the reflection of your work, in someone, When enjoy.

Is, then, Welcome to the art of Cesar Potério and, feel invited to share it with your friends.

WebSite : www.cesarpoterio.com.br

Exhibitions, courses and events

  • Studying Visual Arts, Unip University, São Paulo;
  • Studying painting techniques , with prof º Galesso, OPEN, São Paulo;
  • End of the 2nd Edition of the ART Battle Lounge, Lounge Space, Accor Hotel Pulmann, Vila Olimpia Sao Paulo, with collective exhibition followed by the subsequent month;
  • Finalist of the Edition 21 the Art Battle, São Paulo;
  • Shows Chronos, Home Gallery Vila Olimpia, São Paulo, Ten 2015 /Jan 2016 – Curated by Anand Sampat;
  • Participation in the Art Battle, edição 13, July 2015;
  • Participation in the Art Battle, edição 8, February 2015;
  • Exhibition Gallery Ana Pirollo-March to July 2014;
  • Collective Exhibition Arte São Paulo, having had the work "the Alps" awarded 1 place, Dec/2013;
  • Collective Exhibition Arte São Paulo, having had the work "São Paulo By Night", awarded the 2nd prize at the shows.
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São Paulo – São Paulo
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