Cesar Puraca

Cesar Puraca é Artista Plástico.

Cesar Puraca is a Visual Artist.

Cesar Puraca

My works Para-realistics, are a mixture of fiction and reality extra – physical. A magical world that is not a fantasy, but the capture of a more subtle level of reality, making it figurative. Is the pursuit of holistic reality (body and soul) and of nature in general.


Advertising – Worked in the area until the 80.


  • Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing – São Paulo;
  • Associação Paulista de Bellas Artes-free drawing;
  • Prof. composition studies. Pedro Alzaga;
  • Painting techniques-Paço das Artes Prof.. Jaclyn Nardin;
  • Manipulation of Tempers and oils-Prof. John Rossi.


1980 -Brazil / Peru – Mário de Andrade Library-SP;
1981 -Museum of contemporary art in Campinas – SP;
1985 -1st Salon Gold palette of plastic arts;
1985 -III national Salon of Artists "Patti do Amaral";
1985 -IV S.N.A. P. of the Academic;
1986 -1st prize National Union of plastic artists;
1987 -V S.N.A. P. "Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes";
1988 -Centre of Cultural Coexistence of Campinas;
1990 -Dimitri Sansoud Museum Lasvaud-SP;
1990 – Fiat – Metropolitan SP;
1991 -III Impressionist Exhibition "Van Gogh's ear” -Embu das Artes-SP;
1994 -II Pararrealista Salon of plastic arts of São Paulo;
1994 -XIII Official Salon of plastic arts Pararrealista de Matão-SP;
1995 -Peruvian Artists in São Paulo "Hall of the Latin American Institute" – SP;
1995 -IV Week of Arts-School of Dentistry of the University of São Paulo-SP;
1996 -Sheraton Monfarrej;
1996 -ASTRA Cultural Space "colors and sounds of spring.


  • Julio Louzada "Plastic Arts Brazil" Consolidated Index Years 94/95/96;
  • In The Art Trade International – 1993;
  • In Art & Artists – 2001.

City of Paranautas

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São Paulo – São Paulo
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