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Cicero Alves dos Santos, The Bro, WINS Exhibition at Sesc Santo Amaro

Sergipe artist uses wood to represent its unusual look on the man and the life in the sertão. The exhibition is part of the project Developments-expanding Acquis

The Primate. Photo: John Lang.

The Primate. Photo: John Lang.

Twigs and roots prepared by Outback sergipano come alive in the hands of Cicero Alves dos Santos, the Bro. Autodidact (self taught), the artist, He has works in the collection of the Fondation Cartier Pour Lárt Contemporain, in Paris (France), in the Pavilion of the Brazilian Cultures and Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, WINS shows in Sesc Santo Amaro from of 3 October, Saturday.

Curated by Germana Monte-Mór, designer, label, painter and sculptress, the exhibition has 16 large parts and 12 small business. Born and raised in Nossa Senhora da Glória, in Sergipe, Bro got his nickname because he liked to walk among older people. The artist began to express their admiration for the sertão using beeswax, but as soon as I "discovered" the new material, left side wax and began carving on wood.

Sculptures of a millimeter to 12 meters

The wax for wood, material in which specializes, Man has become skilled, tracing two main areas of work. In the first, the artist works with what it calls open trunks, pieces of vegetation that is arranged by the arid region in which you live, and in which he makes few and precise artistic interventions. In between, Man draws from nature his character more expressive, with intense colors and specific cuts that outline the shape of animals, men and other figures.

In the second, Cicero Alves dos Santos presents thorough care to sculpt the appointing of trunks closed. Here the composition exercise of work does not enjoy their natural forms, But what draws the artist plans to view. Has pieces in various dimensions, varying between 1 mm and 12 meters of height.

Wheels-expanding Acquis

The exhibition Cicero Alves dos Santos-Bro a part of the project WHEELS-expanding Acquis, that has as its starting point the architectural conditions of the Sesc Santo Amaro and transparency, overflow and interference that the architect Edson Elito presents, highlighting the works contained in the fixed unit collection. The project, starting with Lavadeirinha, Efrain Almeida, playing from April to July 2015, now its second edition.

EXUS. Photo: John Lang.

EXUS. Photo: John Lang.

For script:

EXHIBITION CICERO ALVES DOS SANTOS-BRO -Of 3 October to 13 of december, from Tuesday to Friday, from 11 to 21 hours and Saturday, Sunday and holiday 11 to 18 hours, in the space of Arts of Sesc Santo Amaro. Free Recommendation. Free entrance.

SESC SANTO AMARO -Amateur Street Bueno, 505 -Santo Amaro. Phone: (11) 5541-4000. Box office opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 10 to 21 hours and Saturday, Sunday and holiday, from 10 às 18h30. Note: The parking and the ticket office remain open in accordance with time schedules. Parking lot -Basement- 180 vehicles, 34 vacancies for motorcycles. R$ 6,00 the first hour $ 1.00 for additional time and R$3,00 the first time and R$0,50 for additional time (full credential) and 35 openings at the bike rack (free). Note: the bikes pay equivalent rate for vehicles.

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