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Book "Hell is Here", cover - featured. Disclosure.
Book "The hell is here", cover - featured. Disclosure.

Filmmaker excels in literature by launching insane book with illustrations and photographs included

Involving a couple of psychopaths and a kidnapping, the award-winning filmmaker and writer, André Schuck, draws readers' attention with the book “O Inferno é Aqui”

Innovating the means of telling a story, the filmmaker and writer André Schuck arouses great interest in readers with the book "O Inferno é Aqui", a disturbing work launched in 2019 by Editorial Group Coherence. Beyond the art of writing, it also included illustrations and photographs to enrich and tie the plot, ensuring an impactful and unique experience to the public.

Loud music. Iron Maiden. Motorhead. Rob Zombie. Grave. Notebooks and pens. This was the creative process of the manuscript of “The hell is here”. The idea of ​​producing the first version in this way was to enter the character's fragmented mind by writing the text as he would.

In “Hell is Here”, we follow the life of a couple of psychopaths who kidnap a child believing she is the reincarnation of their daughter, a baby they lost during pregnancy on a drug-filled night, murders and demons. The story, gains deeper and more disturbing tones when in the middle of a police hunt and the sick minds of the protagonists, they try to win the child's love.

Studying ways to intensify the narrative and bring something innovative to the publishing market, André Schuck brought together three media to tell the story, literature, illustrations and photographs. In an interview, the author revealed that there was a large and well planned production so that the work was delivered in a unique way. In just one day, he held the photo session for the book lasting 12 hours that bathed the locations with so much blood that it took more 3 hours to clean it from places.

The book is narrated from different sources, that was the concept that the writer created to write the main character’s lines, of demons and spirits. Letters that simulate newspaper and magazine clippings illustrate these multiple voices very well. Then, came the idea of ​​the illustrations, to whom, he hired the illustrator Suzana Saito. And finally, the photograph that completed both the character's psyche and the book's disturbing narrative.

Being an innovative book, he was asked what readers can expect while reading:

"The unexpected. The visual impact of each page and the book as a whole was designed to take the reader by the hand and pull into the character's life. Show madness in a close way. Very close. ”, said.

André Shuck won the award Coherence Awads 2019 with more than 24 thousand votes, is a finalist in two different categories for the award. Odyssey of Fantastic Literature. He was also a finalist in international film festivals, such as, NYC Horror Film Festival and Shriekfest Film Festival, voted the most important horror and suspense festival in Los Angeles by the magazine LA Weekly.

In his repertoire as a filmmaker, with more than 8 thousand commercials aired nationally and feature films, already worked with great artists, including Katharine Ross, Oscar-nominated actress and Joseph Bologna, Oscar nominated screenwriter. Currently André is writing and producing his next literary release, which turned out to be a science fiction where he also works with illustrations and photographs in the middle of the text.

About the book

A couple of psychopaths kidnap a girl believing she is the reincarnation of the daughter they lost during pregnancy thanks to a night full of drugs, murders and demons.

Now, trying to win the child's love, will have to survive a police hunt across the country. But that is not the biggest threat. Not even close. The madness, the need to kill and sick love are your worst enemies.

And the demons?

They help, but they want the girl's soul.

About the author

André Schuck is an editor, scene and advertising post-production director. Wrote and directed short films at international festivals, such as NYC Horror Film Festival and Shriekfest Film Festival - voted Los Angeles' most important horror and thriller festival by LA Weekly magazine. He was the editor of the documentary Making Light in Terezin, shot in Los Angeles, Prague and New York, and the feature film Attachments, which features Katharine Ross, Oscar nominated actress. On literature, after participating in several suspense collections, his first solo book, Revenge, was launched in Brazil and Portugal. He is also the author of the book Cinema Roteiro, where he teaches seventh art writing techniques.

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