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MARTHA & NIKI, of Torah Mårtens (Sweden, 2016, color, 90’). Photo: Disclosure.

Swedish cinema listings in the Cinémathèque de Curitiba

The Curitiba Cultural Foundation in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden presents, from 13 to 17 September, the week of the Swedish Cinema, with the display of unpublished films that represent the current film production in that country. Among the movies are the documentary "the little girl who saved my life", of Hirori Hogir, about the drama of refugees in Europe, and the novel "a serious game", directed by Pernilla August, actress, one of Sweden's most popular.

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Martha & Niki, Mkandawire of Tora Martens, is another documentary shows, about two women world champions in hip hop. The lineup also features "Reflections", Sara Broos, Director portrays in the film to your mother, the painter Karin Broos, and the road movie "Eternal Summer", of Andreas Öhman. All programming has free admission.

13 September
THE GIRL WHO SAVED MY LIFE, of Hirori Hogir (Sweden, 2016, color, 79’).

Is August 2014, the documentarian Hogir Hirori let your wife, you're pregnant, in Sweden to return to your homeland and to document the stories of refugees. It's war again and more than 1.4 millions of people fleeing the terror of the Islamic State. On the border between Iraq and Syria, He has the chance to accompany a helicopter to transport the Shingal, where hundreds are trapped. On the way he meets a girl from 11 years, alone and suffering from the heat of 45° C.

14 September
MARTHA & NIKI, of Torah Mårtens (Sweden, 2016, color, 90’). With: Martha Nabwire and Niki Tsappos.

In 2010, Martha Nabwire and Niki Tsappos participated in the biggest international competition of street dance, Juste Debout, in Paris. It was the first time that two women were world champions of hip hop. The film is a portrait of the artists, of your love of dance and a friendship struggling.

15 September
A SERIOUS GAME, of Pernilla August (Sweden, 2016, color, 115’).

"A serious game" tells the story of a young couple, the journalist Arvid Stjärnblom and Lydia Stille, who fall in love head over heels. Both are lured by the dream of a pure love, great and long-lasting. However, the dream requires a greater sacrifice than they could imagine.

16 September
ETERNAL SUMMER, of Andreas Öhman. (Sweden, 2015, color, 106’).

Isak and meet for the first time in a summer night in Stockholm. They leave everything behind and embark on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Sweden. But what started out as a carefree adventure is soon taken by fatalism. A road movie about finding someone to be your universe – and what are you willing to do for this person.

17 September
REFLECTIONS, Sara Broos. (Sweden, 2016, color, 76’).

The Director captures your mother, Karin Broos, a famous Swedish painter, on a trip to Latvia, in order to reduce the distance between her s. This experience is born a intimate and poetic film that explores the secret places of the human mind and the complexities of the relationship between mother and daughter.

Week of Swedish Cinema
Local: Cinémathèque de Curitiba-R. Carlos Cavalcanti, 1174
Dates and times-of 13 to 17 September 2017, at 19h

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