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Cobogó: understand what it is and how you can complete the environment

Cobogos are 100% Brazilians and help enrich the environment with plenty of lighting and ventilation, beyond style


Popular since the 1990s 1950, the cobogós are totally brazilian modular elements, Inspired by the famous Arab muxarabis. They work like a wall, but full of gaps, which facilitates the passage of light and ar; its charm is in charge of the forms represented by these spaces, that merge into several designs that beautify the environment. Even though it is an ancient piece of architecture, it's also modern!

Cobogós can be found in different styles and materials. These characteristics define the most appropriate environment that can be used, but, in general, a cobogó fits well almost anywhere, It can even be used as a dividing wall in larger rooms.. For this reason, it can be quite confusing to choose one among so many options, but just keep in mind the purpose of each type of material.


A concrete cobogo, for example, it is more rustic and does not present variations in the designs (being a single pattern throughout its length). However, concrete is an ideal material for outdoor environments., so this variation would be indicated to be used outside the house. Usually, the most common use would be on walls, to create a visually pleasing aesthetic pattern.

Now for the indoor environment, Gypsum is one of the most used materials, but pay attention to the space where it will be installed. Plaster is not very resistant and very prone to staining or suffering other types of deformation over time., so it is best to install this type of cobogó away from humid environments and any contact with water. This tip is also valid for models made of MDF, that are equally fragile.


The ceramic cobogó would be one of the most versatile, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a resistant material that is not affected by moisture., It is highly durable and easy to clean., so there are many advantages in betting on this model. Inside, blends well with rooms equipped with ceramic floor, can be installed both as a partition and as a complete wall.

For those who are not interested in the aesthetic part of the cobogós, it is still possible to invest in a glass model, which would be closed blocks, without any type of design or pattern. This alternative is specifically used in environments where it is necessary to block the passage of wind, ensuring only the passage of natural light.

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