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Moments, by Beatriz Cavalcanti. Photo: Disclosure.

Coffee Break outdoors in Bosque da Barra: exposure opening “Affection”, Beatriz Cavalcanti

AExposure PENING “Affection”, Beatriz Cavalcanti, no Auditório the Environmental Education Center of the Municipal National Park Forest of Barrto. Coffee break in the garden. Saturday, day 4 de Mayo, from 9:00. Free entry.

To be a place of reference in environmental education studies, between the lagoon and sea, to Rio painter Beatriz Cavalcanti He accepted the invitation Parque Municipal Natural Bosque da Barra to expose his second individual, "Affection", who will present 20 oil paintings on canvas. "When I give my strokes feel various emotions, but the main thing is the affection. This feeling connects us to the heart of another, transcends empathy. It is something divine even! Sometimes it is difficult to paint, it is sometimes easy. And so, as a life, It is something that surprises us. A blank screen is always a challenge, a project that dream conduct. Paint with affection is to perpetuate those moments ", Beatriz reveals.

Neighborhood resident, Beatriz Cavalcanti is self-taught and produces art for 12 years. He took advantage of the ease in handling brushes and paints to study at Parque Lage, where their enhanced oil painting techniques, your look and style. Since then, He began moving behaviors, colors and lines with more intensity to his paintings. Was guest of honor and awarded on the 26th of Mar Hall, in 2018, conducted by the Naval Club of Rio de Janeiro, Moments with the frame, who was part of his first exhibition "Nature".

About Bosque da Barra

In full Avenue of the Americas, the busiest Bar, the park is a huge natural refuge: are 400 thousand square meters of nature, full of trees, lawns and even a great lake. It is a municipal park with leisure and walking areas, also having the ecological reserve function, where they are preserved the natural vegetation of the original areas of Barra da Tijuca and animals that originally lived there, alligators, saracuras, birds, herons, agoutis and tortoises. The site is also a great leisure option for small: there are swings, slides and more scattered in the woods.

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Coffee break outdoors in Bosque da Barra: exposure opening “Affection”, Beatriz Cavalcanti
The exhibition will take place in the Auditorium of Center for Environmental Education of the Municipal National Park Bosque da Barra
Av. of the Americas – 6.000 km or 6 then Off. of the Americas
Coffee-break no jardim
Saturday, 4 de Mayo, at 9:00
Duration: up to 13h
Visitation: even day 4 of June, Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 17h and Saturday from 9am to 13h
+ infos: naeabosquedabarra@hotmail.com or by phone: 21 98909-2046
Age rating: free
Free entry

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