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Artists collective opens on the day 6 October, Thursday, at Centro Cultural Correios RJ

“drawers, safes and closets”

Group exhibition opens at Centro Cultural Correios RJ curated by Mario Camargo

“drawers, safes and closets, are sympathetic to all the hiding places in which man, the great dreamer of locks locks or hides his secrets. These vaults aren't big enough to contain a world of ideas, meanwhile carry, always, a magic power”: This is how Mario Camargo explains the theme of the collective that opens under his curatorship, on 6 October. The selected artists, Alice Gelli, Claudio Montagna, Gabi Gelli, Henrique Kalckmann, Jack Motta, Margaret de Castro, Marcelo Rezende, Marina Ribas, Mario Camargo, Mark Engel, Patricia Borges, Sandra Sartori and Solange Jansen, balance in their various technical works, with small and large formats (from 0,40 a 1,80m, measuring 10m by Patricia Borges). Seam on tissue paper, photo collages on canvas with acrylic paint interferences, iron oxides and salts on cotton paper exposed to the sun, fiberglass, melted paraffin, industrial sewing, photography, acrylic and silkscreen ink, noble fabrics and even beads make up paintings, installations and sculptural objects that occupy three rooms on the 2nd floor of the Centro Cultural Correios, until day 19 November.

Imagination is totally metaphorical. The real closet is not an everyday piece of furniture. It doesn't open every day and not for anyone. In the same way the key, of a soul that does not surrender, it's not at the door. With this metaphor, we could say that the 13 artists , will open their vaults,  cabinets and drawers, with the key of your dreams, to show the interior of their studios”, says Mario Camargo.

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Alice Gelli is carioca, attends the School of Visual Art (EAV )no Parque Lage, where he dives into various artistic accompaniments with mentors such as Iole de Freitas and Mariana Manhães. He has participated in several exhibitions on the RIO-SP axis with curators such as Christiane Laclaux, Manuela Parrino and Beth da Matta. The artist has also participated in art fairs such as Sparte, ArtRio, Artsoul and Latitude Art Fair with Bianca Boeckel Galeria.

Claudio Montagna lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Participated in several free visual arts courses at EAV/Parque Lage, since 2000. Among his exhibitions stand out the individual Vida Líquida/Centro Cultural da Justiça Federal (2011/RJ) and the collective /Bodies Intrânsito (2018), Bela Mare Rio Shed (2010), New Acquisitions Gilberto Chateaubriand/MAM RJ Collection.

Gabi Gelli overflows sensitivity. The artist from Rio de Janeiro 26 years discovered in adolescence a congenital heart condition that changed his life. Gabi sought to re-signify her trauma through art and it was at that moment that the scars project emerged. – moment forever -, of the desire to provide other people with the re-signification of their pain.

Henrique Kalckmann had his training in painting built on several courses at the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro and at the Chelsea Art School of the University of the Arts London-UK. He has a Masters in French Linguistics from the Université de StrasbourgFrance. Participated in several exhibitions: at the Cultural Center of Justice in Rio de Janeiro, at SESC Quitandinha, by EAV, at the Sergio Porto Cultural Center and had a large solo show at the Gallery 32 – 32, na Green Street London/UK.

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Jack Motta is a visual artist and documentary filmmaker. In 2007, course at Video Art at the Center Georges Pompidou, in Paris. Integrates the work group of the Anti-Forms of Intervention workshop with David Cury, na EAV Parque Lage, since 2017. In 2021, made Dandara é Porrada at Galeria Zagut; 100 P.A.L.A.V.R.A.S (Centro Cultural Laurinda Santos Lobo, River, in 2020) e Curináldsson (River, 2020). Participated in the group show Circuito Morais and Vale Galeria Paulo Branquinho, River, in 2019 and at EAV/Parque Lage, River, in 2018 and 2019). Born in Porto Alegre, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

Marcelo Rezende studied Arts at Riesbach School, in Zurich/Switzerland, through a scholarship and graduated in Industrial Design and Marketing. Attends art workshops at EAV/Parque Lage. Marcelo develops a very particular production process that involves painting and collage of pictorial materials in the creation of visual fields. His current research is related to the so-called peripheral culture, its creative and aesthetic potential, as well as the deromanticization of the ornament, highlighting issues from the periphery of Rio de Janeiro. The artist held some exhibitions, as an affirmation of the presence (Cultural Center Post), Peripheral Powers (Cultural Space Correios de Niterói), Borders and Impermanences, among other.

Margaret De Castro is visual artist, native of Rio de Janeiro, where he lives and works. In 2013, joined the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, where he discovered painting as his means of expression. His poetics is related to issues related to the human figure and also to those that cover the urban and everyday environment.. Apparently banal situations speak of the loneliness of man in his usual passage through homogenized public environments, intended for rapid circulation.

Marina Ribas presents sculpture works working with the soft and resistant binomial, that is, foam and white marble. The gray and white will bring to the set of works on the walls a challenge and contestation. Curator and art gallery owner travels pictorial paths that add up to her artistic trajectory.

Mario Camargo holds a degree in Engineering from UFRJ. Along the artistic path, their works have evolved, always with a thread connecting the entire work to geometry and abstraction. Frank Stela, Nicolas de Stael, Daniel Duren, Mark Bradford, Eva Hesse and Sol Lewitt are references, and through his works Mario exercises his imagination and creativity. They are works with acrylic paint., some fluorescent, designed, sewn and then painted. Some exhibitions in which he participated: Solitude of prime numbers (Cultural Center Correios RJ), FCC Memorial of Curitiba, Sand Horse Gallery/Paris, Candido Portinari Gallery/Rome, National Museum of Fine Arts/Enersis Collection/Santiago/Chile, MAC 2000 Art fair/Paris/France.

Mark Engel – in his digital paintings, it deals with abstraction versus representation, seduction and repulsion, contemporary artistic practices, history and humor. Mark develops abstract images based on photographs, Found images and scanned objects that allude to social and political commentary. His work has been presented in group and individual exhibitions since 1993, in spaces like MAR (Art Museum of Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), Art in General (New York, NY), Centro Cultural Candido Mendes (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), University of North Texas (Denton, TX), Austin Museum of Art (Austin, TX) and Cultural Center of the Post Office (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), among others.

Patricia Borges, sensitive and cultured architect, has its large format works originating from chemical activities and research, These researches are based on knowledge from their courses at MOMA, Italy, Florence and Paris. Your work on paper, this exhibition, will have 10m per 2,25 m and will work as a window piercing one of the walls that divides the halls 1/2.

Sandra Sartori is Brazilian and has lived in Germany for 23 years. She mixes her work with the aesthetics of the Generation 80, which he took part with his experience with German art, using fiberglass in their creations.

As long as Jansen – your professional contact with art, especially contemporary art, takes place at the Higher School of Industrial Design. He had the privilege of working with Ivan Serpa and practicing drawing and painting in the artist's studio. He did workshops at the Museum of Modern Art/RJ with Celeida Tostes and at the Parque Lage Visual Arts School with Charles Watson, Kate Scherpenberg, João Magalhaes and Nelson Leiner. Since 2017 integrates the Antiforms and Intervention group, under the guidance of David Cury. Participated in some exhibitions, like for all (Carpentry/RJ), in the stables (Parque Lage/RJ) and the egg, curated by Nelson Lerner.

The exhibition in the words of curator Mario Camargo

“The privileged knowledge objects of the knowledge space are collective intellectuals from our worlds.. The privileged objective of space is not the objective of the human sciences, but the figure or images generated in these spaces. The images are sensitive evidences that reveal the existence of a common and the clippings that define places and respective parts in it.. The noise that corrodes, disorganizes and at the same time creates, mix and erase, and gives us to see the part that had no part.

It is the hierarchy of sensitive spaces that opposes the known and controlled image of the unknown image..

with this theme, let's get back in touch with the unfathomable of the reserves of daydreams and intimacies.

contrary to the image, the work of absolute imagination, extracts its entire being from thought in the intimacies kept in spaces that are not open to anyone – Witness testimony from the hideout.

According to Antonio Cicero (poet and philosopher), to keep something it is better not to lock it in a safe. To save is to look at it, light it up, keep an eye on it.

Better a bird's flight than a cage.

We conclude that by illuminating it, we assign to the works, the power of life – the power of creation.

In this set of works we will challenge the indiscreet instead of frightening him, showing all the power to leave uncovered and having the indiscretion of the satisfied revelation capable of letting us see the imperceptible. What we once called noise can be the voice of those who don't speak our languages.

The presence of dissent within consensus allows us to see the invisible – a relocation of spaces and images. The crystallization of spaces and the blurring of borders create new constellations of the sensitive.

This exhibition will be a form of revelation, that will be located between The Crystal and the Smoke, that is, between redundant order and chaos.


“drawers, safes, cabinets"

Opening: 6 October, Thursday, the 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Visitation: from 7 October to 19 th November of 2022

Curated By: Mario Camargo

Press office: BriefCom Communications Advisory/@briefcomcomunicacao (contact: Bia Sampaio – 21 98181-8351/biasampaio@briefcom.com.br)

Cultural Center Correios RJ

Address: Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 - Center – RJ

Time: Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 7:00 pm

Free entrance

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