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Collective Center Damaru

Local: Salt market

Date: 30.06.2019

The Collective Center Damaru is the launch of Coexistence Center and Creative Development Damaru. The damaru or damru drum is a disc-shaped or hourglass mainly used in India and Tibet and in these cultures is the sound of creation of the universe and was the main inspiration for the concept and logo.

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The Damaru core is a group of integrated arts, currently formed by cadenced professionals in a single line. This special team will present samples of their projects individually worked and collective, since, all are have transdisciplinary feature due to naturally occurring connections.

As part of the universe and from the service of appreciation of your audience, we have: Adolfo Santos and Turbay Josiah Moreira de Alcantara (literature), Di Magalhães (plastic arts); Eliane Bee Boldrini (Quality of life); Laura Flôres (inclusive dance); Jacob Cachinga e Pamela Shiroma (No project Dancing View), Roger Krieger (music) and Marcia Machado (coordination).

This event is sponsored Maru Productions with support from Salt Market. The partners in this venture are delicious cultural: Ademadan Antonina, Creativity Center Rellem Salu Berght, Atelier Di Magalhães, Project No Dancing View Pink Pepper and Natural Products.


outer space


  • Core Launch Living and Creative Development damaru with producer Marcia Machado.
  • Opening of the exhibition and live painting with the artist Di Magalhães.
  • Presentation on the projects Trail of Life and walk Soundwalk with the teacher and therapist Eliane Bee.


  • poetic interventions, declamations, creations of ballads, games and raffle giveaways, with Josiah writers Alcantara and Adolfo Turbay.

Main stage

  • 1300: Declamations of ballads and poetry. Word Game Design and invitation to lecture X Communication Human Relations of the XXI Century, with writer Josiah Alcantara.
  • 13h30: No projects Dancing View and call for the Senses Workshop. inclusive dance performance with Pamela Shiroma and Jacob Cachinga.
  • 1700: Pocket Concert – The Mystic Violin – with maestro Roger Krieger.
  • 17h30: Inspiring Lives Project. inclusive dance performance, Laura Flôres and Cido Arruda. Apoio good ADANS – Paranaense Association of Ballroom Dancing.
  • 18h: CLOSING with raffle giveaways offered by members of the Collective, such as: live work painted by artist Di Magalhães, books autographed by the attending writers, vouchers discounts on courses, workshops, lectures and tours.

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