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Lin Lima. Photo: Disclosure / Shopping Leblon.
Lin Lima. Photo: Disclosure / Shopping Leblon.

With exclusive artistic mural, Shopping Leblon invites the consumer for a sensory experience

Enterprise presents this year's first guest, the artist Lin Lima, in partnership with ARTMOTIV

Rio de Janeiro, January 2021 - At the forefront of supporting the national artistic movement, o Shopping Leblon receberá o artista Lin Lima a partir de terça, day 12, para a revelação da sua “poesia virtual” no espaço Art Wall. The space is located in the entrance hall especially to welcome the mall's customers and offer unusual works., good taste and democratization of culture. The contemporary artist's work can be seen as a growing process and with that, will be built over 10 days.

Developed by the enterprise especially to receive artistic interventions, Art Wall is renewed as a living work for each new guest. To celebrate the arrival of 2021, Shopping Leblon highlights Lin Lima's rhythmic and full of life. O artista será o primeiro a integrar o espaço este ano, being one of the prominent names of the new generation of art. Between January and February, quem passar pelo shopping será impactado pela obra contemporânea e olhar único do artista.

“We seek unique experiences for our visitors and that offer a new look, always strengthening our artistic and cultural pillar. The goal is that it is not just something to be seen, but also felt, after all art can touch us in different and complementary ways. Thinking about it, the Art Wall space is always presenting new perspectives and constructions, like Lin Lima ", comments Adriana Freitas, Marketing Manager at Shopping Leblon.

Between the drawing and the painting is the work of the artist Lin Lima. Graduated in painting at the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ, is in the continuous repetition of the handmade stroke, that expresses your vision. With depth, emotional and poetic, Lima's work also relies on the precision of the lines and the fluidity of his lines. The imagery and sensory experience is curated by Shopping Leblon with ARTMOTIV.

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