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How to match wallpaper with items in your room

The Wallpaper is an elegant and beautiful choice to change your decor without needing a major makeover.

When making a residential property valuation, elements like decoration can make a difference. Therefore, betting on a renovation before evaluating your property can be an excellent deal.

If you are on a tighter budget, choosing a wallpaper can be perfect for you. In addition to being a simple and inexpensive solution, can completely redesign any environment.

This design trend has already been quite high, and now it has returned strongly in decoration projects. This because, nowadays, you can find numerous color options, prints and textures.

Advantages of using wallpaper

The advantages of using a wallpaper in your decoration there are countless, besides leaving the environment with a unique charm.

The first point to take into account is that the coating is clean and leaves no smell or residue. This makes application much easier, you won't have to leave the house any day.

However, it is important to understand that application can be difficult, mainly in patterned wallpapers, into which the splice must fit perfectly. Therefore, always opt for the help of a professional for the installation.

Currently, there are a variety of models, prints and molds. exist, including, waterproof wallpapers suitable for areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and service areas, that are gaining more and more market.

A waterproofing walls ensures a much longer life for wallpapers in environments with more humidity changes, allowing it to last much longer.

With these new technologies, you can apply wallpapers in the whole house, without any kind of problem. However, it is essential to follow the minimalist line to maintain cohesion in your design.

Avoid mixing too many prints, because too much information can end up harming the final result of your home decor.

Cleaning this type of paper can be a very simple task. This because, although dust accumulates and spots appear, like any wall, cleaning requires only a clean cloth, a vacuum cleaner or a duster.

In some cases, you can choose a vinyl siding, that allows cleaning even more easily.

In the case of washable wallpapers, just use a few drops of neutral detergent in a bucket of water. The only care you should take is not to use too abrasive chemicals, that may damage the product.

As well as the variety of models, the price range of wallpapers has a wide variation. From traditional models to digital and 3D papers, there is an infinity of molds, and with that, a very wide range of values.

This allows you to have more options when it comes to renovating your home, looking for a wallpaper that is both pleasing and fits your budget.

With the popularization of wallpapers, this option has become increasingly accessible, allowing you, after good research, find affordable options for installation in your home.

Choosing more affordable wallpapers allows you to separate your budget for other decorative elements, such as planned apartment furniture.

Unlike many paints that are on the market today, the wallpapers are installed with eco-solvent glue, having no degree of toxicity.

This means that your home will have a more sustainable environment and you will not need to come into contact with toxic products in your renovation.

Durability is also a point to take into account. House paints usually need repairs or touch-ups in an average of two years, mainly, to maintain liveliness and color.

The wallpaper can last up to three times as long, reaching six years before needing any kind of repair.

The possible combinations are innumerable, and you can choose not to use the wallpaper in all areas of the house, uniting color and pattern design concepts to create unique environments.

Few people know, but most wallpapers also have greater thermal control. That's because it's an extra layer of protection on the wall, allowing a more pleasant and airy environment.

A apartment painting company probably have at least one wallpaper specialist, so choosing a professional to do the installation is essential.

In addition, many wallpapers have flame retardant properties, being an excellent safety tool in fire risk environments, like kitchens.

It is important to keep in mind that infiltrations and cracks in the wall can represent structural problems and should not be hidden, but minor wear paint flaws can easily disappear with a good wallpaper.

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Check out some usage tips

With the variety and ease of application of these modern wallpapers, it is important to understand some details that make a difference in any environment.

1.    Simplicity

Not everyone can identify decoration patterns naturally, and the fear of making mistakes in a renovation is always latent. Therefore, it’s important to think of less elaborate elements to use your wallpaper.

In addition, along with other aesthetic elements like a plaster lining you can think of elegant environments without needing much.

Neutral tones can be of great design value in a decor, especially if they have geometric patterns that do not conflict with the other elements of the environment, such as:

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  • Circles;
  • Squares;
  • Stripes;
  • Lines.

These patterns offer a timeless option for decorating, can be used as a harmonizer of any type of environment, especially if your furniture and decorative objects are colorful and alive.

2.    Personality

The variety of options presented by the wallpapers allows you to create the most varied types of room. Before closing deal with the reform, plan the type of room you would like to create.

The use of romantic elements can transform your room into a much more cozy environment, while more modern patterns bring style to your living room. A meeting environment with friends and family can have a fun and light tone.

A wallpaper distributor will have several options for you to set up each room in your home.

To be able to transmit a unique personality to a room, pay attention to the color palette you will use between the furniture and the wallpaper, to create a much more interesting and bold environment.

3.    Contrast

For the practicality and comfort of installing a wallpaper, many people end up choosing to use this tool on all walls of the house.

However, you have to think that using the same pattern in an entire environment can give a more plastered impression, without fluidity and movement. Therefore, keep in mind that one of the best design options for using wallpapers is the contrast.

By varying wallpaper styles, always maintaining common sense and a design standard, you can create a much more modern and elegant effect, without losing the practicality of the product.

4.    wallpaper and dye

If you do not choose to use the wallpapers in any environment, you can create beautiful options to choose from by merging wallpapers with paint.

There are a number of colors and effects that can be applied to any home decor, so it’s important that you make an assertive decision about what tones to use to create a harmonious environment.

You can also think about texturing a wall, creating a different effect that can mix with the pattern chosen for the wallpapers.

In planned environments, it is possible to make this kind of decision in advance, creating charming and cozy places

Thus, you will be able to transmit a feeling of unity to the room, with the charm and elegance of wallpaper combined with dye for a beautiful environment, without exaggeration.

5.    Information

Among the wallpaper options that exist, some have an excess of information on their prints. These models can end up being a problem when trying to unite the decor of the rest of the environment with them.

If you really want one of these papers, the ideal is to call a decoration specialist so that he can show you how you can structure an environment to properly receive this type of paper.

An expert in decoration projects will know exactly what to do. Besides, an interior designer will know what furniture, lighting and other elements should be taken into account for this type of design.

The ideal is to always take into account your entire home when redefining your decor, to make assertive and intelligent choices.

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