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Project: Studio Cris Paola. Photo: Hamilton Penna.
Project: Studio Cris Paola. Photo: Hamilton Penna.

“How to choose carpets for decoration” by Jessica Tan

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

The carpet makes the most cozy and charming atmosphere and is one of the pieces that promotes UP decoration. However, acquired before-lo, one must be careful not to make mistakes when choosing.

Check out some tips:

  1. Let the carpet last, because we can analyze the environment and not to commit excesses at the time of your choice.
  2. If the carpet is the main part of the environment, start for him.
  3. For a living, home theater, bedroom and bathroom, place mats in quadriculares and rectangular formats, they extend the environment and all the pieces that are on.
  4. It is important that furniture like sofa, armchairs and puffs are on the rug, and not be centered with respect to these mobile.
  5. Avoid carpets in the dining room, case fall food and is difficult to clean. But if you insist to have, bet on circular pad for square table and vice versa. Already is rectangular table, Always use rectangular rug.
  6. Bet on curvy carpet for special corners as read, of a work of art, yoga or meditation, because this format promotes a higher concentration.
  7. For neutral environments, the suggestion is to use rugs with prints or more colored. If the room has bright colors, the ideal is to use carpet with neutral colors.
  8. Use synthetic carpet or sisal, it is easy to clean. Shag carpets and high leave the most welcoming environment, however it is not easy to maintain.
  9. Use the same color chart carpet with remaining pieces and decoration.
  10. To the bathroom, think of rubberized mats or non-slip strips down.
  11. Place mat with any kind of coating, except carpets.

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