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How to turn your flagstone into a beautiful and pleasant terrace?

Did you know that it is possible turn your slab and create a beautiful and functional space? Despite being, and often, an area left out, the space can give a new appearance to the residence as a whole.

When building a property, it is common for investment in decoration and modernization reforms to end up being applied in internal areas and in some types of external spaces, like the backyard and the balcony.

However, the slab has great potential to become a beautiful and pleasant place within the residence, both for its size and for being outdoors and providing a series of occasions for relaxation and relaxation.

In this way, betting on the construction of a leisure space on the slab can be one of the best ways to improve the property and ensure that it becomes more complete for the family.

To begin, it is necessary to make some investments, ranging from waterproofing slab with asphalt blanket until the assembly of an area with a pergola, that can accommodate some furniture.

Being an outdoor area, which is usually different from other similar spaces, like a gourmet balcony or a balcony that has a roof, it is also important to think about guaranteeing an area where you can enjoy the sun with tranquility.

In General, this can be done with the use of furniture that can be exposed to the sun and rain, without forgetting that building a covered space is essential for those who want to enjoy the terrace regardless of the temperature outside.

There are several possibilities for building an interesting terrace that enhances the house in general. Therefore, if you have a slab at home and like the idea of ​​turning it into a beautiful and pleasant area, continue reading this content and learn tips for it.

To begin: what is a terrace?

Setting up a space at home to be able to enjoy moments outdoors can be the best way to enhance the property and enable it to offer a complete structure for the whole family..

In General, when there is the construction of a slab in the residence, it can be thought of for future works, like investing in new rooms. In such cases, she receives cellular concrete slab and several other elements to ensure the firmness of the structure.

However, an interesting possibility, even for those who do not intend to expand the property by creating a closed second floor, is to build a terrace and take advantage of the area to set up an interesting and pleasant space.

A terrace is nothing more than an outdoor environment, which is at the top of houses and buildings, but that is different from balconies and balconies, since they have a direct connection to the living room or bedroom.

Various actions can be taken to ensure that the slab becomes a terrace, some of them:

  • Installing a parapet;
  • The decoration of the space;
  • The use of roofing in some regions;
  • The use of furniture to make the area comfortable;
  • The installation of ovens and barbecues.

Thus, to ensure that a slab gives space to a terrace, it is essential to invest in the security of the place, with the construction of a parapet or with the placement of a stainless steel guardrail, that will delimit the area and protect who is in it.

A good decoration should also be part of the place, which includes everything from the use of roofs to enable use in different climatic changes to the placement of furniture that brings comfort to the terrace.

Finally, installing ovens and barbecue grills can be a simple step to make the area even more functional, and accommodate family receptions with tranquility and warmth.

In fact, the terrace can be built in a practical and effective way, and knowing how to do it is essential to idealize, for example, one high standard landscaping design and ensure that the terrace is one of the most special areas of your residence.

Tips to transform the slab of your home

If you have already decided to transform your home's slab and make it a different terrace, there are some practical and interesting tips that can help in this process. Check them out below.

1. Bet on rustic decor

Because it is an external area, a suggestion that can bring a pleasant result to your terrace is to invest in a rustic decoration on the spot.

This means that you can invest in wood and iron elements, I do not use burnt cement coating, and many other.

Furniture can be made of masonry and receive cushions to ensure comfort, as well as some coffee tables pallets complement the look in an incredible way.

Therefore, be sure to consider the rustic style to compose the scenery of your terrace and be sure to build a practical and elegant space with ease.

2. Use of timeless elements

A wood it is a timeless element, what do you mean it never goes out of style. Thus, just as she can easily compose a rustic decor, it can also be the main feature of a modern and differentiated terrace.

For this, in addition to investing in the presence of wooden furniture, the tip is to also implement pergolas made from the material, and even install a floor with those characteristics.

In this case, an important suggestion is to ensure the treatment of the wood, so that it has greater durability, precisely because it is exposed to climate change.

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A bona application and the use of varnishes can be simple and effective means to preserve the beauty of the material for much longer.

3. Create a leisure area in space

The terrace can be designed to accommodate a special leisure area, that offers pleasant moments for the family and for the guests.

For both, it is fundamental to think about the elements that will compose the space, ensuring that tables, chairs, sofas and various other furniture that bring comfort to accommodate those who are there for an occasion of celebration or just socializing.

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A practical idea that can be indispensable for a terrace is the use of a stainless steel barbecue, able to offer good meals to friends.

Therefore, be sure to invest in the construction of a complete and functional leisure area for your home terrace.

4. Build a garden in the environment

Having a green space inside the house is the dream of many people, but especially those who live in large urban centers and are not able to have much contact with nature.

Thus, a practical and interesting tip for decorating terraces is to build a garden in the environment, that will not only bring moments of relaxation in the cultivation of species, as well as providing a beautiful and sustainable area in your home.

Many homeowners may also prefer to create a vegetable garden on site, being able to grow a series of foods that will be consumed by the family, which makes the terrace even more interesting.

To protect some types of plants, a suggestion is to install tempered glass awnings, that guarantee the solar incidence, while protecting species from the elements, for example.

5. Add a pool in space

Another suggestion that can make all the difference in the environment is the installation of a swimming pool, that will not only successfully complement the space, but will also promote another leisure item in the house.

One suggestion is to bet on a design using wooden decks, that will accommodate the pool with tranquility and give a charming beauty to the space.

6. Opt for neutral colors

An interesting suggestion to guarantee a special decoration on the terrace is to bet on more neutral colors, like white and gray.

That's because these tones bring more serenity to the place, and allow an interesting combination with stronger colors, that can be applied through some decoration items, responsible for giving greater personality to the area.

7. Include railings and guardrails for the safety of people

Finally, one of the most important tips to ensure the safety of those who will enjoy the space is to include railings and guardrails throughout the terrace, so that anyone feels protected on the spot.

In addition, the choice of good models can provide even more beauty to the space, so that it becomes even more cozy and adds value to the house in a simple and effective way.

Building a terrace at home can be simpler than imagined. Therefore, be sure to follow the tips covered in this content and be sure to create a different and cozy environment for your whole family.

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  1. Good afternoon, in the building where I live, my apartment has a slab that covers the parking spaces on the ground floor, only my apartment has access to it. I would like to replace a window with a door and use this area as a garden, my doubts are approval needs to be unanimous? There will be alteration in the lateral facade, I'm going to change a window for a door, and the area of ​​my apartment will change, how do i do it and where do i do it?

    • hello grandson, Good afternoon! Thank you for your special touch! Please, we request that you contact a professional in the area duly registered in your class council for accurate information, functional and secure information regarding your request. Hugs!

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