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How to use frames to compose the decoration of your room

Asar frames to compose the decoration of a house is a trend that has always been on the rise. Currently, with the popularization of pop culture, this became even more evident, allowing several customization possibilities.

In a living room, more specifically in a stainless steel shelf, a modern painting can make a big difference in decorating an environment, without having to modify any part of the structure of the site.

Knowing how to distribute wall decorations in your home can completely transform an environment. With that in mind, among frame options, we can quote:

  • Canvas;
  • Decorative Plates;
  • Posters;
  • 3D Frames.

The potential for creation and decoration with the use of paintings is limited only by your imagination. The right choice of this decorative piece can, including, give the necessary tone to the style you have chosen for the environment.

It is necessary to take into account, however, that a bad disposition of the paintings or sloppiness when hanging them can give an opposite effect to the expected, passing a feeling of mess and leaving the decoration below expectations.

The first point to be taken into account when thinking about decorating with pictures is to establish a relationship between the decorative pieces and the rest of the environment. It is important to maintain harmony between the decor.

In addition, it is important that the people who live in the house identify with the proposed theme. Part of the fun of hanging a picture is having a visual record of something that pleases you and your family.

There is no quantity limiter when hanging pictures, but you need to create a standard that maintains common sense. If you use few parts, the ideal is to keep them at eye level.

If you use planned apartment furniture, you can define with the company which spaces in the room will be left for you to decorate with paintings and other ornaments of your taste.

If you decide to hang several pictures to compose the environment, it is important to keep a little focus on the chosen theme, so as not to leave the environment out of place.

Pictures help transform any room into a room full of personality and life, and can have different themes that connect the personal tastes of the residents with the decoration style chosen.

Besides, companies of engineering and architecture who work with interior design, normally, have a number of decorating choices to offer customers, tables are part of the options.

Know the main types of board

Among the possible options of choice for the decoration assembly, it is important to know how to choose the appropriate types of board that you can use in each environment.

In addition to the classic paintings with replicas of paintings or photographs, there are some models that have gained notoriety among the design, and can create different environments in the decoration.

Including, after choosing the part, it is good that you apply a wall waterproofing, preventing the frame from suffering from humidity or other problems. In this way, your play will last much longer.

Now that you have received some tips and learned a little more about this decorative element, the time has come to know which models are on the rise. The main ones are as follows:


These are now becoming darlings. This because, with the explosion of pop culture, several people decided to put their tastes and hobbies in their decoration, and the best way to pay this tribute is with themed posters.

One of the best known styles are those of films, that can be purchased in specialized stores or even in cinemas, since the posters are discarded after the debut period.

However, the trend of posters went beyond cinema and, nowadays, you can find pieces with the most diverse themes and styles, allowing almost unlimited decoration potential.


The canvases are replicas of paintings, using digital tools for high quality printing, simulating the original. Including, it is possible to use several options for the creation of decorative screens.

Many people choose to use canvases that replicate famous works of art, honoring great artists and creating a modern and stylish atmosphere in the house. Another option is the abstract frames, that allow a much greater choice potential.

Screens usually look great in planned environments, since it is possible to choose the theme before starting the creation of the site. Can be combined, for example, with a stainless steel railing.

The quality of the print on a cotton canvas is such that it looks like you are actually in front of a hand painted painting. This type of tool makes a unique environment.

3D Frames

3D paintings are a modern decor trend, that have gained more and more space. These are pieces that have some visual variation, creating a unique depth effect on visitors.

There are several types of applications for 3D frames. Since the traditional effect, in which the frame moves as you change the position you see it, even bolder models, like embossed pieces or an art divided into strips, that has a feeling of movement.

In decoration projects more modern, 3D frames are constantly included. It is possible to find this style of piece with the most varied decorations, and you can use it in any room.

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Glass Frames

This stylish and elegant piece is an art printed on an acrylic plate, that besides the interesting design, can be coupled to a spotlight making the environment even more beautiful.

It is important to remember that the lighting in this case it has the main purpose of serving as a background for the decorative piece.

Although the light from a glass frame can be used in the environment, usually it is a weaker spot and focused on the piece, and does not serve as a source of illumination.

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These boards also have a great advantage as they are very easy to clean. In glass frames, a simple cloth or cloth is enough to sanitize the piece, no chemical product is needed to clean the environment.

Check out some decorating tips

After choosing the types of frame that will be used to compose the decoration, it's time to understand how to use the pieces in conjunction with the other design elements of each environment.

For example, of apartment painting company may be asked to leave the room ready to receive a decorative painting when their services are contracted.

Therefore, it is important to think about some points to establish a decoration that, at the same time, be beautiful and authentic, allowing you to combine frames as prominent pieces.

Think carefully about the size of the pieces

It is important to identify the space that will be used for placing the pictures, mainly to define the size of the pieces you will choose. On small walls, a large frame can end up getting heavy and looking excessive.

On the other hand, a small frame on a larger wall can leave the room empty, as if something is missing. It is important to think of all the ways to use the tables, to create an area of ​​decoration closer to your will.

Choose designs

The themes of an environment dictate which type of frame best suits each choice. If you intend to follow a more vintage, you can look for pictures that reflect this theme, from old photos to paintings recreating classic signs and advertisements.

Other classic types of drawing are still life, common to decorate any environment, but combine particularly with kitchen decorations.

Landscapes also allow a different choice of decoration. Old photos of iconic locations leave a more modern and bold environment, and you can create a different style by joining multiple frames.

Bet on frames with phrases

A more modern trend is to frame famous phrases and sayings, as excerpts from songs and speeches from thinkers. This type of decoration makes the environment more intimate and charming.

You can search for phrases of different types. In leisure areas, like barbecue grills or game rooms, opt for some joke or fun and funny message, that gives the feeling of togetherness and lightness that the environment requires.

In more intimate places, Love quotes, pieces of music that have meaning for the residents of the house and motivational messages can make the environment more pleasant.

If you choose to use the services of application of burnt cement, giving an air of modernity to your room, make sure the pictures you choose reflect this type of decoration.

Even the WC may have some kind of decoration with frames, since these pieces do not take up space and can leave the environment with a completely different face.

Therefore, it is important to define what options you will use in each room, to explore the possibilities within your decor idea in each environment.

Final Considerations

Design trends usually keep frames as good options, for its versatility and the ability to modify entire rooms with simple decorative pieces that are easy to apply.

Once you've found something that fits your style, just move on and start decorating.

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