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The Trilogy. Photo: Victor Days.

Curitiba company takes the stage trilogy on human frailties

The Assembly "the trilogy: room, output and elevator ", Curitiba company Ganesh, premiere this week at the Casa Hoffmann-Centre for the study of the movement. The project brings together three pieces of different authors which complement each other in a unique way. All Revere everyday human relations, exposing individuals and their weaknesses. The trilogy will be presented in 3 to 6 March, and in the days 12 and 13 March, with sessions at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

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With Humberto Gomes dramaturgy and Airen Wormhoudt, the Assembly causes the public eye in a common place and intimate. The use of the alternative space for holding "the trilogy" highlights one of the main objectives of Ganesh: allow the formation of a public voyeur you stand in front of six characters and share your moments, fragments, passions, frustrations, feracidades and illusions.

"The trilogy" is performed by the Cia. Ganesh through program support and incentive to culture, of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and the city of Curitiba, with support from Unicultura – Free University of culture, Trent Cultural Issues, Ant producer and Home #B and Uninter sponsorship. Its realization has directed by Humberto Garcia, of Janja, James Light, Thiago Banik, Manhas Nassar, Luiz Bertazzo and Airen Wormhoudt.

A Trilogia. Foto: Victor Dias.

The Trilogy. Photo: Victor Days.

Synopsis – Matilde meets Rui-a libertarian writer. The couple in the play "Hotel room" not seen in years. However, Matilde (extremely materialistic character, obsessive and possessive) the demand when this begins to make success. She creates an ideal image of themselves and try to show the partner as is "changed". However, Rui sees more "plus" and understand that deep down she still the same. Feelings of passion, Fury, greed and loneliness are covered with mastery, drizzled the Beethoven and your Ninth Symphony.

In "emergency exit", BIA and Beatrice are at the height of a nervous breakdown when they come across a deep loneliness. Through guiding and language, at the same time, Abstract, maturity and immaturity come together to reflect on the decisions taken, the paths traversed, the mistakes and the successes.

In an "Elevator", two strangers get stuck and are put on the table their traumas, their career choices, their feelings and their values. At the end of the show, the public will have shared the experiences of Rui and Matilde, reflected with Beatrice and Bia and assimilated choices with Octavian and Bernardo.

A Trilogia. Foto: Victor Dias.

The Trilogy. Photo: Victor Days.

The company -The Cla. Ganesh, conceived and founded by Humberto Garcia, started its activities in Curitiba, 2006, conducting research in alternative spaces. The Group has as a priority the public and the ways of how to achieve it, not only by reflection, but also by encouraging a discussion about how to unleash it to change parameters and attitudes, and transform itself and its concepts.

Over the nine years of existence, the CLA. Ganesh was contributed by various artists. All works and researches conducted have partnerships, from the Exchange and the work of actors who are invited to join the Group.

The Trilogy: Room, Output and Elevator
Local: Hoffmann House-Centre for the study of the movement (S. Claudino dos Santos, 58 -San Francisco)
Dates and times: 3 to 6 March, and days 12 and 13 March, at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm

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