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Conservatory of MUSIC. Photo Credit: Doreen Marques.
Conservatory of MUSIC. Photo Credit: Doreen Marques.

MPB Conservatory opens registration for 25 courses

The Brazilian Conservatory of music opens, This Monday (16), registration for 25 regular courses of the first semester of 2016. Are about 250 vacancies offered to beginners and advanced stage. Entries can be made until day 29 November, through the site of the Conservatory and filling out the form of the selection process.

The selection of candidates will be made in two steps. In the first phase, candidates choose their courses and teachers and respond to an online questionnaire. Preselected candidates for the second phase will test e/ou interview for leveling, in the period of 7 to 10 of december, upon payment of a fee of R$90.

The monthly fees of the courses vary from R$130 to R$40. For children of 7 to 12 years, the options are battery, recorder, piano and guitar. For young people from 13 years and adults, the Conservatory offers courses in popular corner, piano, accordion, mandolin, violão, ukulele, Guitar, electric bass, Viola caipira, battery, percussion, recorder, transverse flute, trumpet, clarinet and saxophone.

Also available are courses in the field of music theory (reading and musical structure), harmony, instrumental arrangement, childhood musicalization and practices, for professionals, MPB and set set of cry.

Applicants must follow the site and also in the hall of the Conservatory of MUSIC (Rua Mateus Leme, 66) the relationship with the names of selected for each step. The enrollment period takes place from 14 to 17 of december. Classes start on the day 22 February.


Registration on the site

16 to 29 November – Inscription

7 to 10 December – practice tests and interviews for smoothing

14 to 17 December – Registration
22 February – commencement of classes

Courses – Values – Biannually

Singing course, Practice of Viola Caipira and instruments (except Clarinet) – 5 installments of R$ 90

All disciplines and theoretical set of MPB and Cry – 5 R$40 plots

Clarinet course- 5 R$130 plots

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