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1ª Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art, invitation. Disclosure.
1ª Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art, invitation. Disclosure.

Invitation – 1ª Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

In August and September we will celebrate two important and significant dates for Art and for people with disabilities that are part of modern contemporary society: On 12 August Arts Day and 21 September the National Day of Struggle for People with Disabilities.

“Thinking about celebrating these two dates Edmundo Cavalcanti, plastic artist, poet and art columnist, together with the businessman Armando Fantini - Refresh Brazil entrepreneur, a company specialized in ”Intelligent Solutions for Inclusive Accessible and Sustainable Leisure for People with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility”, are promoting the 1st Virtual Exhibition of Inclusive Art – entirely free.

Anyone, disabled or not, can participate in the Exhibition, to do this, just follow the regulation contained in this matter.

The submitted works will be analyzed by the organizers and those that meet the requirements of the regulation will be part of the virtual exhibition to be published initially in the organizer's photo albums Edmundo Cavalcanti, on Facebook and other social and professional media with high visibility and repercussions.

“Your participation in this unprecedented project will put you in the spotlight, and out of it, as an unprecedented collaboration for a noble cause, fair and necessary. ”

Artist can be anyone who devotes part of their time to the arts. Artists always work with a lot of love and dedication, because this is the profession that they chose to dedicate much of their life to. Visual Artists, theater actors, soap operas and cinema, stand out as some examples of artists. Have you ever thought if they didn't exist?

The National Day of Struggle for People with Disabilities is an important opportunity to reflect on the importance of social inclusion.

”Art is infinite as well as the imagination!

By the way, art is the fruit of the artist's fertile imagination.

The work reflects unlimited talent and creativity.

Painting is one of the, if not the only or the main, tangible shape, to portray the work of the creator.

In this case, the artist “is the guy”!

In this project, your work can reach 1 billion people on the planet, or at least 30 million in Brazil, or 15% of the population of your city, at least!

These indexes are official UN - United Nations Organization -, being that, currently the indexes have already reached 25% in some cities.

This is the reality of people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility that inhabit our environment, around us, with various pathologies, that reach 150 types.

The struggle for the cause of social inclusion is making this universe of people visible in order to have the same rights regarding mobility to come and go with accessibility, among other just and perfect achievements, for a better quality of life.

"Armando Fantini"


WebSite: refreshbrazil.com

Instagram: @refreshbrazil and @armandofantini

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/refreshbrazil

Youtube: bit.ly/YoutubeRefeshBrazil

@ cavalcanti.edmundo




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