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Choir of the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba. Photo: Lucilia Guimarães / SMCS.

the Camerata Antiqua Choir dedicated sacred pieces from Mozart to Mother's Day

The Curitiba's Camerata Antiqua Choir dedicated to mothers the concert will Friday (10/5), at 8:0 pm, it is Saturday (11/5), às 18h30, in the chapel Santa Maria Cultural Space. Entitled The prodigy Mozart (Mozart, the ingenious child), the show features four pieces of Austrian composer that is exalted figure of the Virgin Mary. The regency is Mara Campos. Tickets cost R $ 30 e R$ 10 at the box office spot.

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The sacred pieces selected for the concert are unique in the Camerata Choir voices. They were composed of Mozart's adolescence, when he toured Europe, curious about your talent, and early youth of the composer. They are Miserere in A Minor, litany Lauretanae, Mass on the Holy Mary the mother of, Mater Dei. The concert is about 50 minutes long.

Considered by critics as one of the largest and most respected classical composers of the West, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is also a popular icon. He lived in the eighteenth century and began his intense musical career at 5 years. He died too early, at the age of 35 years, leaving more than 600 works. These include symphonies, concerts and opera composers that influenced the next two centuries.

Choir of the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba
Regent: Mara Campos

Soloists: Ralf Sant'Ana (soprano), Daniele Oliveira (contralto), Alhaji Sant'Anna (tenor) Ademir and Mauritius (low)
instrumentalists: Marco Damm (violin I), Silvanira Bermuda (Violino II), Helena Alice Carollo Dust (Viola), Estela de Castro (cello) The e Clenice rtigara (organ)

Concerto The prodigy Mozart
Sacred music
Choir of the Camerata Antiqua of Curitiba
Friday (10/5), at 8:0 pm
Saturday (11/5), às 18h30
Chapel Santa Maria Cultural Space – R. Counselor Laurindo, 273 – Center
50 min
R$ 30 (entire) e R$ 15 (half)


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