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Cultural shows current piece inspired by the work of Dalton Trevisan

Piece "The Kiss in Nape". Photo: Disclosure.

Piece "The Kiss in Nape". Photo: Disclosure.

Within the current Cultural programming, Theatre has Novels Curitibanas Cia part. Masks "The Kiss in Nape" on Friday, not saturday and sunday (days 6, 7 and 8) to 20 hours. Directed by João Luiz Fiani, the show explores the strong side of some of the most memorable characters of Dalton Trevisan, representing the soul of Curitiba on stage. Initially it was planned for the presentation of the play space “Nem Freud Explica”, also director João Luiz Fiani.

He is the only Brazilian director with authorization to use the works of the author, Fiani take the utmost care to organize drama. "Dalton gives me complete autonomy to define the aesthetic of the show, but with respect to the drama he has a unique and rigid requirement: that a comma is not changed even their texts. What I do then is just turn the tales in theater, but respecting one hundred percent content of his work. ", explains Fiani.

The show will also have to include songs from Curitiba composer Pencil, live theater. No list, the Marcyo Light actors, Alisson Diniz, Daniel Marcondes, Ingrid Draft, Fernanda Bahl, David Moura and Nicole Taques live the characters of "Curitiba Vampire", is known as the author.

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Piece "The Kiss in Nape". Directed by João Luiz Fiani.
Local: Theater Novels Curitibanas (President Carlos Cavalcanti Street, 1222 -San Francisco)
Dates: day 6, 7, 8 -Friday to Sunday, at 8:0 pm
Free entry

Rating: 16 years


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